Wet ‘n Wild Spring Releases

Sephora sent me an email asking me if I love my VIB perks and that I needed to spend $9 more dollars to retain my status. I am thinking – what perks? They have, hands down – the worst point system of any retailer. I let my Rouge status lapse because outside of one or 2 exclusive access releases and early access to the bi-annual 20% off sale – it is a lot of money to spend with no pay-off. I have a boat load of points stored up and only found 1 sample to cash in for with my most recent order. Such first world problems but no Sephora, I am not enjoying my shitty, non-existent VIB perks but thanks for asking.


The BOGO on Wet ‘n Wild has got to stop because I pretty much own the entire aisle at this point. I keep going back to the Walgreens in the retirement community and they are always stocked. I picked up the Queen of My Heart Collection a few weeks ago and now that I have used everything at least a couple of times, am ready to share! The collection includes 2 highlighters, 3 shadow trios, 3 multi-sticks, a lip palette and a kabuki brush that I think will be a permanent item. I skipped on the multi-sticks and lip palette, I just didn’t think I would use them. I still have unopened ones from last year’s spring collection and not because they aren’t great, I use them all of the time but they last forever – FOR-EVEER.


Of course the items that I was most excited for were the ones I did not need, the MegaGlo Highlighting Powders. I cannot live without the Precious Petals powders that came out last spring, these are staples in my collection and these new additions are just as gorgeous. I don’t know what it is about a lavender highlight, this should be something that I wouldn’t go in for but they are so lovely. You don’t get a lot of purple sheen but more of a lit from within, ethereal glow – I don’t get it, witch craft. Purple makeup is one of those things where you usually get just what you see in the pan or a patchy disaster but I love this. Lilac to Reality is my fav of the two but the Sweetest Bling is a pretty, pearly pink that is easy to pop on with a minimal face. They are a tad grittier than other highlighters from this brand but easy to blend and set with a spritz of setting spray or even just facial spray. I love these, super lovely. I tried to be super helpful and give swatches of the inner and outer shades but precision is not a word that one would use to describe me:



I am a huge fan of the eyeshadow trios and mini-palettes from this brand, the quality of the formula is consistently fab. I think that some of the shades in these limited edition compacts are perfect and others require a little finessing – that being said, I am finding this with many brands and their limited edition/holiday releases. I like the colour schemes, I was skeptical over the blue/turquoise shadow but have used it for a pop of colour at my water line and enjoy it. The pinks and golds are perfect, there are probably 1-2 shades out of the bunch that I am not crazy about. The packaging of the collection is white and springy, the entire selection is available online and retails from 2.99 – 5.99, totally worth a check out. I did pick up the kabuki because I swear by their other brushes but gotta’ say this is the dud of the bunch, it is just super stiff and blotched up my foundation šŸ˜¦ It isn’t pictured but is the same pink and white design as their entire brush line, I’ve used it as a prop in other posts.



New Phototastic Collage

Another super cute collection from Wet ‘n Wild that packs a lot of quality!

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