MOTD Monday – Mer, Mer

Still gloomy out, I don‘t mind the rain but I do mind weather that is overcast with no good reason. There is also an unreasonable amount of trash all over the side of the roads here in MN and it just looks so ugly. The land of 10,000 lakes and unconscionable litter – for a state that ranks at number 6 for highest taxes, I have to wonder where it goes. Not to the roads people, I will tell you that.

MOTD Monday was nothing exciting, I used a few of my recent Fiona Stiles pick-ups and I think the product that I most enjoyed was the Multidimensional Color Palette. I was just really blown away by the softness and colour richness from these – I don’t know what I was expecting but expectations exceeded. I went a little HAM with the highlight and had to blend out with foundation 😀 I am unsure if this palette is a compilation of the blushers in the line, the pans don’t have shade names but all of them are lovely and very usable.


I used the Topanga quad that is mostly browns but has a pretty, purple shimmer shade as well. I don’t know what happened with my eyeliner, I tried to smudge it out but my brush was too wet and I just smudged it off but I used the Ultra-Smooth Waterproof Eye Defining pencil in Carlyle – a bronzy shade with a little shimmer. Not endorsing that it is waterproof….but very lovely.



Otherwise – nothing exciting, mer, mer. Bare lips because my face is freaking chapped, I have a story about this for Sample Saturday 😀 and here is another photo with super fabulous lighting…


Sad story, my favourite Tarte primer seems to have been discontinued!! I wish that brands would stop trying to force me to try new things. Sure, if a product is tanking then I can understand formulating something new but this primer was constantly out of stock and I feel like it is  super popular.  Are there 500 other primers out there? Yes. Are these some that may even be better? Probably. Am I dramatic? Yes. Talk about dramatic, I used a cream eyeshadow as liner this weekend and it pressed my lower lashes down over the course of the day, I looked in the mirror and immediately assumed that all my lashes fell out. Fell clean out without me even noticing, because that happens – honestly.

Anyway, have a fabulous evening and thanks for stopping by ❤

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