Back in Stock – Lip Whip Remover

Am I the only one who comes upon a new beauty brand and is shocked that they are pricing their goods the same as other more established brands? Like – no, I am sorry but you just got here and you aren’t worth this much. I don’t get it, I feel like it is a first job situation and you get to make first job kinda’ money before you get the big bucks. I am not saying that all products are better because they are from well-known brands but it just makes a little more sense to me that they cost more because they have been around for 100 years. Equivalent price does not mean equivalent quality, in my humble (consumer) opinion. At any rate – I am willing to take a chance on indie-beauty brands as I have yet to be burned by them. Often times they are offering innovative, out of the ordinary products and the passion poured into these brands is more tangible. A favourite, indie-brand that never disappoints is Beauty Bakerie – they are currently an online only boutique but they do have a store opening in San Diego! My first purchase from them was their Lip Whips an absolutely stunning collection of matte, liquid lippies. I know, I know – more matte but this is a trend that I hope never goes out of style because I am addicted. Not to mention, these lippie tubes look like unicorn horns people and how can you not?! They also offer cream shadows, liners, highlighting powders, lip care and more recently setting powder! The packaging, the products, brand aesthetic – I just really enjoy this brand and I hope to see them expand even more.


I was so excited when I finally received a restock notification that their Lip Whip Removers were back in stock! These are my favourite lip products removers and my lips have felt so parched and sad since I have been out. For $14 you get 50 delicious, little wipes that effortlessly remove the most smudge proof lipstick and don’t strip your lips. It doesn’t matter what face wipe I am using or makeup remover, once my lips have been removed it feels like all the moisture went with them. I think what makes these wipes different is that they are very oily and obviously, most face cloths are not because you don’t want an oily residue sitting on your face when you are supposed to be cleansing it. With lips though, it just feels right – the olive and jojoba oils absorb fairly quickly and I follow up with a balm if needed. This concoction while seemingly not anything ground-breaking for whatever reason does the best job at removing Lip Whips. Also, if I want to remove my lips while leaving the rest of my face on – these wipes are the perfect size and I don’t feel like I am wasting a whole face wipe for a little bit of product. It might seem gimmicky or just another superfluous product to have on hand but I swear by these and I miss them when I’m out – highly recommended!


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  • Ela Kaimo

    I adore their packaging! I want to try all of their products if only because their aesthetic is on point. And their product names are so cute as well!

    • stella

      I know!! I get as excited about the contents as I do the outer boxes 😀 Everything is so pretty – their creative team is crazy amazing.

  • llindaxxo

    OOOOOO I’ve never heard of this product before. Beauty Bakerie is still a relatively new brand to me too. When I take the plunge and buy some of their beautiful lip whips, I am definitely going to add this remover to my purchase!

    • stella

      It is fabulous, I think it is the only product that I have used that totally removes their Lip Whips. They aren’t terribly spendy either, I just have to remember to order more before I run out because they tend to be out of stock often! Obviously, lots of people love them 🙂

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