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Best of March & Some Empties

I love how people who grew up on typewriters and fax machines complain about how slow computers are and that you have to sign in and meow, meow, meow. YOU USED A TYPEWRITER, the fuck are you talking about – I think it is a complaining just to complain thing and it annoys the dickens out of me. I mean, does anyone remember dial-up? It was a nightmare and still wasn’t even that bad,  honestly. Anyway, I am cheating by combining my monthly favourites and empties into one post because 1) I am lazy and 2) I just didn’t have that many of either but let’s get to it!

simply (4)My first favourite is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer that I tossed in the bottom of my bag because I used it once and didn’t love it but pulled it back out and cannot recall why I wasn’t crazy about it. I will say that I would not use this under my eyes because it does crease on me but it works great for correcting red and other discoloration and it wears without issue on every other part of my face. I must say though that when I am done with this one, I will not repurchase as it is $30 and the tube isn’t huge. I would like to try their new concealer pots by still – that price tag…


Remember when I was super excited about the burgundy lash trend, probably not but I am and have purchased some tubes of deliciously plum shades and so far I think that the Ultimate Lash Icon Volumizing Mascara by the lovely Fiona Stiles in Worth is my front runner. The brush is so fluffy and gives me dramatic, burgundy lashes that you can tell are actually burgundy. I have picked up 2 other ho-hum burgundy mascaras that just look brown to me. No clumping, no flaking just luscious lashes.

I think that I have mentioned this before but I still love the Milani Prep-Set-Go Illuminating Powder  and I have even hit pan on it! It doesn’t look like it does much when you first apply but you get a lot of luminosity throughout the day and it keeps my skin looking fresh.


After my lips peeled off of my face, I have been into exfoliating them more consistently. I bought the GlamGlow Fizzy Lip ages ago because I wanted to be one of those people who exfoliates their lips routinely but I’m not 😛 Oh well, this stuff is fabulous and keeps my lips so smooth and prepped for lip product application. I have the balm too but I am not as crazy about it.


I know, I know – the Chocolate Bar palette has been out since ever but I have found a renewed love for it. Most of the shades are neutrals but the matte formula is one of my favs and the shimmers are perfect for jazzing up an all-matte look. I have been using it often this month – maybe I will even hit pan (probably not).


Apri-Cot-in the Middle has been my go to blush since I have owned it, even if I put on another shade I like to go back in with this one. I think it is the luminosity and perfectly peachy shade that keeps me coming back for more.


simply (3)

As for empties, I have a jar of the L’Oreal Eye Defense that I will not replace – I just needed something in a jam. It was OK? To be honest, I never know if eye cream is working or not. It feels nice, my skin feels moisturized but I don’t think that an eye cream has wow’d me. This one also congealed into a blob of hard, gummy stuff when I was ¾ of the way done with the jar so that was lame. I don’t know, it hydrated my eyes…? Not much else to say 😀

Another L’Oreal product that I won’t be replacing even though I really liked the Infallible Pro-Matte foundation, I have other foundations that need using up first.

I hated the Born This Way concealer, it feels heavy but doesn’t cover anything. I still have 2 shades to use up, the worst part of ordering online is that you just never know your shade. It smells nice; the applicator is OK but nothing special.

0329171721 (1)

This Quick Dry Primer Spray was nice to have on hand when it was super cold out and I wanted to speed up the drying process of my hair but it made it feel coated and a little sticky. It does help dry hair faster but come on, a primer spray for my hair? I don’t need it.

Ah! (Homer scream) I am bummed that I finally ran out of this oil cleanser from Palmer’s – I have been trying to find another bottle and cannot. I use this as the first step in my 2 part cleanse and it just so nice – smells pleasant, moisturizing and very effective at removing my face. I hope that I can find it again.

I have an empty face spray (or 2) in my trash most months – I don’t even really know when I am finding time to use them. I am not just spritzing my face at my desk all of the time – maybe I am just using a lot when I do use it? Unsure, but this Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray was not a fav and took a long time to use up, I will not repurchase.


That was way more stuff than I realized, oops 😀 Thanks for stopping by <3


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