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March Fail – Perfume or Poison?

And not Dior Poison, I mean actual poison. I don’t usually have such strong feelings about products and  will still find a use for something even if I am slightly disappointed but this one is pretty bad. I recently used up all of the bottles of perfume that I had in my collection and wanted to try something totally new. I settled for Mon Guerlain, I read that it was a tribute to today’s femininity a la Angelina Jolie and I assumed that it would be an update on some of their classics that would incorporate flavours of their signature fragrances. Lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla are supposed to be the key notes, these are additions that I welcome in most of my favourite scents and I was so excited to bathe in this stuff. I ripped it out of the box, threw the outer package over my shoulder, delighted in the beauty of the bottle and gag. It smells like Flowerbomb of which I am not a fan. Not just kinda’ like Flowerbomb, not similar, not reminiscent – by trying to bottle today’s femininity they just carbon copied a fragrance that is already popular with young people. I read quite a few reviews that mentioned not liking Guerlain fragrances and that this was a first from the line that some liked and I should have known that it was such a departure from their other offerings. For someone who really enjoys their signature scents, Mon Guerlain is not for me. It is a very sickly sweet scent, it smells like the faux fragrance that is sprayed on silk flowers rather than an actual bouquet of fresh flowers. I like complicated fragrances that evolve with wear, this one smells exactly the same all day – the only mystery is how does it smell exactly the same, all day?! Where is the citrus? Where is the lavender? The iris, vanilla and sandalwood – where? Does the House of Guerlain not know what these smell like!? One reviewer noted that this scent dried down to straight patchouli, I would gladly welcome that but it didn’t do the same on me – it just remained the same, candy smelling perfume for hours. I don’t think this means it is a well-balanced fragrance, it is just boring and one dimensional. I also feel that given the blatant replication of Flowerbomb that this fragrance is very generic and nothing you haven’t smelled before.It also is not up to snuff with other fragrances from this brand.


Super disappointed, had they offered this in stores it would have been a hard pass and I feel that is just the reason that they weren’t. If you want a sophisticated, unique, floral, feminine scent then try literally any other fragrance. I mean, I don’t know Angelina Jolie but I’ll be damned if she is walking around wearing this 😛 Also, if Flowerbomb is your absolute favourite fragrance – please take no offense, it smells like posion on me and just isn’t what I look for in a perfume. I smell it on others and it smells fine! But hey, this is also $40 less for the 3.4 oz. so it might be a great, more affordable option! And reading more about Flowerbomb there are many similarities between the 2 and this is probably my own fault. Dang.

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