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​I thought that Easter was like, this weekend – apparently I need to get to mass a little more often 😜 But now that I am thinking about it, Lent started quite some time ago. Why did everyone put their Easter candy out early? I think everything is going to be stale by the time we get to opening baskets. I love Easter baskets, I love everything about them – making them, selecting all of the  bits to put in them, the ribbon and fake grass *sigh* I love the teenie outfits and patent leather shoes, it definitely gives Christmas a run for its money. Anyway, if you didn’t know – Easter is April 16th and not this weekend 😝

I must talk about this face palette from Fiona Stiles that I snagged for a deal about a week ago. I would have gladly paid full price for this product and it has been on my radar but I have a few face palettes and it just didn’t seem like something I needed. Then it went on sale and there went my self-control. I wanted this after watching Tati rave about it (what else is new); it just looked so amazing and easy to use. That is the whole mantra of Fiona Stiles, goof-proof makeup, and I really appreciate that. I feel like if I have a hard time using something, I don’t have a lot of patience to pour into finessing it and I will just quit using it. I am not a makeup artist (har,har in case you didn’t know); it isn’t something that comes naturally to me so when I find something that I can use without frustration and get good results, it just makes my day. This is a whole lot of preamble – to the palette!

The Multi-Dimensional Color Palette includes 6 pans of blush/highlight/bronzer and retails at $38 for .78 oz. All of her line comes in pretty violet, navy packaging and feels sturdy – this palette is softer sided and does have a mirror, but I tend to flip the top all the way over because I need grip, people. I think I mentioned before, I have no idea if this is a compilation of products already in the line – the pans don’t have names and I plan to compare in stores when I get a chance. More on this later. For my skin tone, the bottom shades work as blushers and the top as highlights/bronzers but you could definitely mix and match however you’d like. All of the pans work really well together and are easy to layer up.

The formula is soft, almost ColourPop soft and just too dreamy. The formula is also consistent between all pans; the highlights have none of that chunky glitter about them and blend as beautifully as the blushers/bonzers. I have never been one to layer blush, everything just muddies up and I rarely succeed in creating different dimension but had some luck using this product. While they are easy to blend, the shades do really well at retaining their own pigment and not just running together. The bronzer is fairly light and it works well for me, this may be the dud of the bunch for deeper skin tones though. I really love this palette, it is harmonious and the colour story makes perfect sense. The size of the palette also makes it great to throw in a medium-ish travel bag and would save some space over carrying multiple compacts. I also find that since this product includes a good sampling of mattes and shimmers that you can achieve several different looks with it.

Obviously, I really love it and have been using it just about every day for something. This palette was a total steal at $19.50 but like I said, had I been in the market then I would have absolutely paid full-price for this one as it is well worth it.

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