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Confession, I really want to love cream shadow – it just feels like something I should be into but I am always hesitant to try new ones. I do like the look of cream shadows used as primers and eyelid colour corrector and decided to take a gamble on the cream Eyescreams from Beauty Bakerie. I only chose 2 matte, neutrals because I am just super boring like that and I really want to use these as bases. You get 3 grams for $16 and there are 14 shades, I chose Crumb Cake and Pancake. The shadow comes in a super cute, frosted glass pots with pink top. My only beef with the container is that the opening is hard to maneuver my finger tips in – if I use a brush, there is no issue but was hoping to be able to just pat the product on. I think that my nails aren’t helping so maybe this is more a personal problem and not a packaging fault.


Pancake is a pretty buff shade that is absolutely what I was looking for in a base. It neutralizes my eyelid which increases the colour saturation of anything that you put on it. Shimmer and glitter shades look incredible over this shadow. The consistency is fairly firm but also very blendable, once it dries down it isn’t moving. With my skin tone, I cannot see myself wearing this by itself but I do think it is a pretty shade.


Crumb Cake is a chocolate-y brown that makes for a really gorgeous crease shadow over top Pancake. This is the shadow that pressed my eyelashes down but it does work as a nice top lid liner πŸ˜› Again, the consistency is really smooth but definitely holds its own – I have worn this to enhance other ho-hum brown shadows in my collection.


I really like these, if I was better at using cream shadow then I would buy more in a heartbeat. I just prefer the way creams wear and feel on my eyes but I am useless at using them. Another fabulous offering from Beauty Bakerie!

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