Product of the Week – Wet ‘n Wild Cover All Primer

I feel so thrifty when I look at what products I am using the most and they are drugstore brands! If I was one of those less is more kinda’ gals then I would be saving so much money, I can literally do my whole face in drugstore brands. But I am not one of those gals, I am a more is more gal and I like having options. Anyway, I picked up a few priming products from Wet ‘n Wild and so far my favorite has been the Coverall Primer. For 4.99 you get a little under an ounce (.8 I think but mine doesn’t say) of product that claims to minimize pores, fill fine lines, brighten complexion and even skin tone. It is supposed to create the perfect surface for all day wear and prevent caking, creasing and smudging. And it is formulated with white sapphire, I am not really here for that – something just doesn’t click for me when products have precious minerals in them. Like gold flakes in lotions, WTF is that? It pretty much claims to do everything that I would want a primer to do and at pennies on the dollar.


Out of the bottle it reminds me of your average face lotion, a little thin and very emollient. It does not have any silicone and I wasn’t expecting it to do much for my pores or lines but was pleasantly surprised, this product succeeded in making my face soft and smooth. It became very tacky as I continued to work it into my skin. I love a tacky primer, I think the tackier it is the more your makeup is going to stick as it dries down. I didn’t see any pilling but I have also stopped using a gel moisturizer and have had a lot more success with primers not pilling. It felt very light weight and I did not detect the odor that others have complained about. Overall, I love it – my makeup layered very evenly over this product and it kept my concealer right where I wanted it. I don’t know what it is but I tend to just wipe my concealer off when I am blending – I probably just suck at blending but I watch these beauty gurus just pound their faces and have no idea how they aren’t wiping their concealer off. Anyway, this primer really worked as glue and kept my foundation looking fresh for most of the day. It does not say that it is hydrating but it kept my dry areas from peaking through while also not making me too shiny. My pores looked decent, I might multi-prime and use a little pore product but it did do fine on its own. It is fabulous, I have worn it under 3-4 different foundations and it wears the same each time. It is dependable and just a nice, everyday product.

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