Product of the Week – Wet ‘n Wild Photofocus Foundation

I am kinda’ bummed, Modcloth was purchased by Jet.Com which is a subsidiary of Wal-Mart. I am not one of those people who holds grudges against brands (in most cases) if I looked back at my entire life, I know that there are things that I did that aren’t flattering and I wouldn’t want people to forever judge me for. But there is just something about this that bothers me, Modcloth should have known that their consumers especially would be pissed off about this. Something about it just feels icky, I hate to part with this brand – they fit my personal style so well but my recent spring order may be my last.

I am starting a Product of the Week series that I will post on Fridays. I feel like I don’t talk enough about products that I use on the regular whether they are new or not and thought this would be a good way to spot light some products that I almost always have on hand or I am going through a phase with. I apologize in advance for my photos 🙁 It has been so overcast here and I really, really tried to capture this product for you.


This week’s product, Wet ‘n Wild’s PhotoFocus Foundation is new to me but has been all over the internet lately. This product has been mostly raved about but I usually fall into the small percent of folks that products just tend to suck for and I was burned by the PhotoFocus Powder and was convinced that the foundation wouldn’t work for me. This foundation was tested under a million different lighting conditions and was created with a matte, light-diffusing complex to make your skin look all around amazing. Best part? It costs $5.99 and comes in a decent array of shades for a discount brand. I have found that shades available in stores can vary widely; it took me about a month to find my perfect shade in store. But when I found it, it was freaking perfect – Rose Ivory is the absolute, most perfect porcelain pink shade that I have ever found. I have tried dozens of high-end foundations that specifically market light shades with ‘pink undertones’ that are still way too yellow (looking at you TooFaced, NARS and Charlotte Tilbury) it was kind of annoying thinking about all of the money that I have invested in foundation and a drugstore brand was able to so perfectly bottle my skin tone. Anyway, I was giddy to give this stuff a whirl and broke a cardinal rule by wearing it to work without having tested it prior. I like to look exactly the same, every day at work and I have no tolerance for makeup malfunctions, this was either going to be great or a huge mistake.


First off, this foundation comes in a glass bottle and doesn’t have a pump L I wish that there was a place that you could buy foundation pumps but alas, it has this weird spatula thing that I will never use – I just dump some blobs onto my palette like I do most of my foundations that don’t have a pump. Second, yes, this foundation does smell like foundation – if you look at the ingredients the predominant component is isododecane (very distinct odor) and not water like many popular luxury brand foundations. Yea, it can be off-putting but growing up in the 90’s, all foundation used to smell like this 😛 This foundation is very emollient but once I started working with it, it got a little tacky. I used a damp beauty sponge just like you do and applied a base layer sans concealer and wow, I was in love. I didn’t see any claims that this was a cream to powder formula but I feel like this is what happened, once applied it dried down really nice and satiny but still provided a solid amount of coverage. It wasn’t clinging, it wasn’t bunching – it just melted into my skin. I concealed a few red areas and then blended out with just a tad more foundation to see how it would layer and it was perfect – it reminded me of the effortless manner in which my formerly beloved BareMinerals applied. My face didn’t feel cakey but looked like I had put in way more effort than I really had.  I figured that it was going to do that thing where it looks great for 2.5 seconds and then goes to shit but was pleasantly surprised. This foundation stayed put all day, didn’t dry my skin out, didn’t oxidize, didn’t get patchy and made my skin look great (my skin is not great). I’ve used it for about a week and have not had any skin reactions and will keep using! Honestly, 5.99?? I feel like Wet ‘n Wild is going to wake up to how fantastic their products are one day and jack the prices 😀 In comparing the ingredients to some of my more expensive foundations, there weren’t that many deviations (not enough to pinpoint the difference in cost, at least) and I would recommend doing the same comparison if you are curious. I love the luxury of a really fancy bottle of foundation but if I didn’t have to sink $40 on one that would be fantastic – we’ll see if this product stands that test of time! I honestly don’t mind mixing drugstore and luxury brands, the same way that I don’t mind wearing an Old Navy crew neck with a tailored skirt (so sue me) if it works, it works 🙂


Have you tried this foundation? Thanks for stopping by <3


  • llindaxxo

    I haven’t tried this foundation yet but I’m so happy that it worked for you! It’s great that you found the perfect shade! I definitely want to try this foundation soon!

  • ayrgalaxy

    I want to try it lol. I just haven’t been able to go to the store. Once I’m done with finals I’m gonna splurge on milani, WnW and NYX lol.

  • stashy

    Yet another rave review for this foundation – I can’t wait to get my hands on it! (It’s not available here in Canada yet – I might have to buy online and guess my shade). Isn’t it incredible that such an inexpensive product can be so great? And shhhh, I hope Wet n Wild never wise up and raise their prices…

    • Stella

      Yes!! I’ve been totally blown away with how good it is. I hope you get your hands on it, definitely worth it. Right?! They are putting some high-end brands to shame 😄

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