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Sample Saturday -Air Supply…(Repair)

So, super big thanks to Microsoft and yet another shitty Windows 10 update that has totally disabled my near new laptop. If I have to buy a new laptop, I’m buying Apple. I’m using the WordPress app that I just don’t love – apologies in advance if this (and future posts) seem a little wonky.

Confession, I was so excited to use this product because I thought it was Air Supply and I was all, how cool is that? Now I just need a hairspray called Twisted Sister and all of my childhood dreams will be realized. It isn’t, it is Air Repair and I am still a little bitter about it and could be a major contributing factor as to why I just don’t like this product, even a little. Again, the whole targeting consumers who fly a lot just bothers me – it feeds into a very exclusive lifestyle that I just don’t relate to. I just don’t think that the customer base is large enough to market to, I’m sorry. Actually, not sorry – I like sitting here living my Midwestern life, commuting to work (in a car) and not doing anything fabulous. Sure, I like to travel but do I need a moisturizer that caters to my travel skin needs? No, I have travel sizes of my favourite skincare items. Duh. And yes, I get that this product can also be used for an everyday, skin hydrating pick me up but still – the marketing does not appeal to me. I feel like all of that was super bitchy and I should just end this now 😀 It would make more sense to me if they wanted to target people who fly a lot for work or who’s work it is to fly.

Anyway, today’s Sample Saturday is about the Air Repair Skincare Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer that came in my March Ipsy. The overall concept is that it will hydrate anyone’s dry, dull skin and claims to rejuvenate and revitalize your complexion no matter your skin type. Here is the problem, I have oily to combination skin and this moisturizer actually made my face dryer. It was painful, I could feel my face pulling and tightening as soon as my foundation was set. I could not wait to get home and use a moisturizer that actually worked but it gets worse, my face was actually chapped. It was so dehydrated that it chapped – what? It feels great on application, very serum like – it is formulated with some fabulous ingredients like cloudberry seed oil (honestly, no idea what that is) green tea and hyaluronic acid and yet, it was so awful. You can layer it but how soon would one know that they needed more? I mean, I have places to jet-set to, I don’t have time for this. It does smell good, nice and fresh – I felt younger putting it on but my skin was a mess for about a week after. I read the comprehensive ingredients and did not see anything that I might be allergic to and I just don’t understand why I went into full face peel using this product.

That’s enough, I hate this product – I hate everything lately. What is that about, I think it is the weather? I will say that the whole line is pretty affordable and if you love this then you are getting a bargain! Also, this was a very healthy sample size and you can get a good feel for the product and if it will work for you – or if it will peel your lips off. No shit, folks – people who have never even seen the natural colour of my lips got to put up with my week of no lips because they were peeling off my face. I didn’t even really put this on my lips, I don’t know what that was about. It was part of a $10 sub-box and I am just a whiner 😀
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