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Sample Saturday – Origins

I finished Big Little Lies – amazing and now jumped into the show but something is lost in translation here. The actors just seem to be phoning this in, the book was way more suspenseful and thought-provoking. I think the cast is amazing but such lame performances – the best performance is from the guy you want dead 🙁

For today’s sample I have this super adorable tube of Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream that came in my last Play Box that I have been really loving. This cream claims to have energizing qualities that remedy puffiness, dullness and dark circles. I am pretty lucky in that I don’t have dark circles or lots of puffiness but I do feel like my skin is dull more often than not and most creams are way too thick for my eye area and they don’t wear well under makeup. This cream is very light but packs a lot of hydration and definitely brightens my under eyes. It doesn’t take terribly long to absorb either which is nice since it means I can jump into makeup and not worry about it just smearing everything around. It doesn’t have a fragrance, I was kinda’ hoping that it would smell like citrus but alas. This eye cream is pretty fabulous but the full size comes in a jar which I am not totally crazy about. Otherwise, I love it and will continue using!


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