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I am changing the name of my blog, no I’m not – but perhaps I should…? More on this later,  I think there are already half a dozen blogs, a bread shop, a remodeling company and a solar energy company with this name 😛 This post is a little different today, as someone who cares a lot for the environment and the future of our planet it saddens me that many sanctions and regulations are slated to be repealed today. But it doesn’t make me lose hope that as private citizens, we can have an impact on what happens. As Americans, we depend on the government (a lot) and that means they hold a lot of the power and all around I think we need to be privatizing many public programs so that we can take back the power. So how can a private citizen make a change?


Shop sustainably/recycled/eco-friendly! And guess what – there is an app for that, there are a few apps for that actually. Sure, it takes a little getting used to but once you figure out that 1 cheap t-shirt requires gallons of water to create, it makes it so much easier to be choosier with your purchases. I absolutely do purchase new pieces that have been made from recycled material but thrifting is a fantastic way to recycle clothing. Not to mention, you can find great, quality pieces that will last for years at a fraction of the original price. Sure, you won’t have loads of new things to wear all of the time but quality never goes out of style. Who said that? Was it Karl Lagerfeld? Funny story here, there is this older lady who walks my neighborhood and she looks like Karl Lagerfeld – I have never seen her face because she is sporting the trademark shades, turtle neck – the whole thing. Straight class.  I also get that quality can be costly, start small and build a beautiful collection of pieces that you feel good about owning.  Patagonia is a favourite retailer that not only makes environmentally conscious clothing – they turn around and give so much back to the environment. On Black Friday alone, they raised $10 million in proceeds for the environment. I also love Ecovibe Apparel, save the earth and look chic doing it. If you have something in your collection that you don’t love or doesn’t fit – donate it and let the cycle continue.


Shop locally and in season! Where do the fruits and veggies that aren’t in season in our climate come from? Gallons of fossil fuels away – that is where. Don’t get me wrong, I am an avocado fiend and they don’t grow in central MN (surprise) but when possible, I hit the farmers market or look for products that are made in the USA (or your country of origin). Once you go farmer’s market tomatoes – you will never go back. Plus the prices are generally way better than the super markets. I am also really trying to not over buy as produce just is not what it used to be and it seems like something always gets tossed. Sure, they suck you in with the BOGO’s and the 2 for 1’s but are you really saving money when you throw it away? In America, we can just walk into a grocery store and heap our carts with everything our hearts fancy but think about the waste. Meal plan, it helps manage your weight and by sticking to a list you buy just what you need and are going to actually use.


Peel those labels! I love how the same people who tell me that recycling is a waste of time are the same people who are bitching about job loss caused by environmental regulations. A US recycling rate of 75% by 2030 would create 1.1 million jobs (source). So put that in your environmentally unsustainable pipe and smoke it. Again, start small – I started with 1 bag of just cardboard and you do get used to doing this, what once seemed like a hassle turns into second nature.


Most importantly, don’t let anyone convince you that your efforts are futile. Pinpoint where you feel you have the most impact, I am a consumer – a mass consumer and these are just a few areas where I feel that I can truly make a difference but I am sure there are many others out there.  I am also not perfect and am not trying to get preachy here, I waste – I know this but you gotta’ start somewhere.  Earth Day is just around the corner, get out there and participate in Watershed Cleanup Day aka The Trash That Humans Threw Everywhere That Was Hiding Under the Snow is Now Visible and Looks Like Shit Cleanup Day. The snow did not create the trash, it is not the fault of the spring thaw that there is trash everywhere – be real, honestly. Tangent – get out there, plant a tree or donate a tree to your city. This isn’t a partisan issue either, it is a human issue and we will all be in the same miserable boat if we don’t at least try.

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All of these images were borrowed from the web aside from the featured image that I created using Canva. 

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