Skin Tint – Glossy or Greasy?

I think that I am finally ready to review the Perfecting Skin Tint from Glossier that I purchased some time ago and have used enough to know if it is working for me or not. I wanted a product that I could use to prime my skin and do a little colour correcting with or without my regular foundation. This skin tint claims to brighten, smooth, refine and all the while still be a breathable alternative to foundation. It isn’t terribly costly, you get 1 oz.  for $26 and it comes in a squeeze tube – I have a new found love for the squeeze tube foundations. There were quite a few attributes that I loved about this product so let’s start with the good!


The shade light is a perfect match to my skin tone, I found it to be very neutral – not yellow and not pink. The product itself is very serum like, this makes it easy to blend but using a beauty sponge to apply was hopeless as it just sucked up all of the product. I turned to patting on with my fingers as I was getting streaky results with brushes. Once applied it did feel nice and my skin looked hydrated. I then applied concealer and powder like I would any other day and I liked the overall finish which was very dewy at first  but more satin with a wash of powder. I have areas of dry patches that can start to feel really uncomfortable by the of the day and this tint felt much better than my regular foundation, it also wears really nice under a full face if I want more coverage. I also liked how this tint didn’t enhance texture like some of my foundations tend to do, it just provided a sheer wash of colour correcting tint. I don’t think it refined anything though, I definitely still needed primer.

Obviously, quite a bit to love but you really need to have flawless skin in order to wear this tint on its own unless you don’t mind blemishes peeking through – which is totally cool too. I do mind, because at 30 it irritates me that my skin can’t just settle the fuck down. I was able to wear this product in tandem with concealer on a few days and I enjoyed it but overall it has become a 4th step in my base routine and really only to keep my dry patches hydrated. I also don’t love the smell of this product, it claims to have no scent but something smells like SPF and it burns my eyes like most products that have SPF but – this is not listed in the ingredients…? Super weird, but I will say that their priming moisturizer also irritated my eyes for a while so it must be an ingredient that I have just not been able to pinpoint. Over the course of the day, the areas of my face that are not dry were oil slicks and I mean slick, like I could wipe it off my face – yea, super gross. Around my nose was also pretty patchy which typically doesn’t happen that often, total bummer. I just felt and looked more oily than my skin actually is, the strands of hair that touch my face were even greasy and I feel as though there must be some ingredient in this product that separates out from the tint and pools on the skin. Case in point, it separates in the bottle.  I also never felt like this product suck in, it just sat on the surface of my skin – I have thick, total coverage foundations that feel more natural than this.  The shade range is pretty limited, I don’t know if this is really a con since you get so little colour anyway and it worked for me so I’m not the best judge.


Overall, I have several other products similar to this that I just enjoy more. I think this is best suited for younger folks with flawless skin who probably don’t need any product and just want a little something to put on for the day. I would not recommend for anyone with even a hint of oily skin but this could be pretty great for dry skin.

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