Trying on: ColorIcon Blushers

I just received an email letting me know that my prayers had been answered and  ‘La Mer is now at Sephora!!’ and I assumed that based on some highly scientific algorithm that it was determined that I would be interested in this brand. Are you kidding me?! Who is spending $170 on a face cream – if I could afford that I would be getting face lifts and laser treatments. Some of these products cost more per ounce than our car payment. Sure, who doesn’t want fabulous skin but come on. Plus, the brand aesthetic doesn’t do it for me, it looks like old the old Pond’s Cream logo or vintage Avon. Wow, just wow –  I cannot get over this. No lie, I purchased the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream that retails for $100/1 oz. and it was amazing but how often do I feel comfortable shelling out that kind of ching? Not that often, it is a super treat when I get it. But, you can also get the 5 oz. for $255 which is a steal of a deal if you want to make that initial investment. Anyway, if you use La Mer – is it the best thing ever or…?


Today I am talking about a product that is incredibly affordable and totally amazing – just how I like my products 😛 These are not new products, they are simply new to me as I just always saw them and skipped on them for whatever reason. Maybe I was not convinced that so much product could really be that great at 2.99 and the shades weren’t really calling my name but after seeing these blushers in a few videos – I had to try them. I am talking about the Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon blush, I purchased 2 pans in a recent drugstore trip with loads of other products from this brand. I have said it before that this brand was exclusively sought for chunky glitter to wear to high school pep rallies 15 years ago and it has come such a long way since then!  I picked up the shades, Mellow Wine and Pearlescent Pink – I thought that the matte, wine shade would be a dupe for Benefit’s Dallas which is a bronzer/blusher that I am totally obsessed with and I wasn’t disappointed. Admittedly, it is a little on the pink side but still very brown and I just love that look. I was drawn to the pink shade for more of a spring colour and it is a deeper pink with a little sparkle and I like it – if you are a matte blush fanatic then obviously skip this one but if you want a little sparkle and pop you will love this.


The formula is very silky and felt nice when I was swatching it, I like to rub powder products in between 2 fingers to detect any grit and no grit here! These blushers are very pigmented and I can see how you could go clown face real quick so just dab that brush in and tap the excess off, even with just a  tap you are going to get excess. After I tap, I swirl the brush around in the lid just to get the colour in the bristles and this helps to get an even wash without deposits of pigment. I mean, I get how it can be a bit much if you aren’t expecting it and I am not complaining about them being too pigmented because that would be totally asinine. Are they blendable? Is any blush blendable? I cannot blend blusher, I get it all over the place when I attempt that but I do feel that this product is fairly forgiving and easy to buff out if you go crazy. I love these, I think I like them better than the Ombre Blushers that are still really great but the formula is a bit chalky and much less pigmented.


Overall, these are fantastic – I don’t know what took me so long to jump on the bandwagon!

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