Trying On: Photofocus

I so rarely get lucky when it comes to finding new Wet ‘n Wild products in stores but I have been on a role lately! I found a Walgreeens in a retirement community and they have the best makeup selection totally randomly. I snagged a few of their new items and am excited to share, I wanted to talk about their Photo-Focus Pressed Powder that came out a few months ago and I have seen it around but only just decided to purchase it after a beauty guru raved about it. This powder comes in 8 shades and retails for $4.99. It provides a satin finish and claims to have light-diffusing particles that gives you a flawless complexion. I was super excited to give this a whirl.


I chose the shade Neutral Buff which is the second deepest shade but looked more pink to me and I thought that would work better with my undertones. This powder comes in a plain, plastic black compact that doesn’t feel terribly cheap  but you know – drugstore quality. When I first felt this powder I was really impressed with how soft it felt, I use buttery to describe a lot of powders but honestly, this is whipped buttery which for some reason in my mind is softer than just buttery 😛 The colour was also spot on which almost never happens for me. I went in with the fluffiest powder brush that I own and buffed this on over my regular base routine and – meh, I don’t love it. I know that it is only $4.99 and what can I really expect but this product has been raved about! I thought it would provide a smooth, even, satiny powder veil and it actually tugged at my foundation and applied in patches for no reason that I could determine. It was very cakey in my under-eye area, around my nose and on my chin – this was only after a couple of buffs and I wasn’t packing the product on. I used the IT Cosmetics #3 Jumbo Powder Brush because it just makes any powder work – not this time which really shocked me since the powder was so darn smooth! I gave up buffing and finished with setting spray, things went from bad to worse and the powder gravitated to my pores L I wore all day and the texture of my face was just really bizarre and made me feel splotchy. When I attempted a touch up, I ended up picking my foundation up so I gave up and just washed my face for the day.


I mean, what can I say? It is a $4.99 powder and I feel like I got just what I paid for, it was really the hype around this product that led me to believe that it would be amazing and maybe it works for some – it certainly is not the worst powder that I have used. I wear a pretty matte base and thought that this would pair well with my other base products but it just didn’t. I cannot even tell you how it wore really because I was so distracted by how weird the overall texture of my skin looked. I have heard great things about other products from the Photo-Focus Line and did pick up a couple of other items that I have not tried yet – but fingers crossed! Honestly, this is the only dud out of the new stuff that I have tried from Wet ‘n Wild – excited to share more!!


Thanks for stopping by <3


    • stella

      Thank you!! I know, it just seems like something so simple and yet I cannot say that I have a perfect powder, they just always seem lacking 🙁 Thanks for reading!

  • llindaxxo

    Dang, I can’t believe it! This powder matched your shade so well…I was really getting excited after reading that first part, but after reading the rest, like that sucks…lol… I’ve been hearing so much hype about their new foundation, concealer and powder. After reading your post, I’m a little hesitant to try the powder…which is okay because I typically don’t gravitate towards pressed powders for foundation or setting my face. I still want to try the foundation and concealer though! maybe those will work better for you?

    • stella

      I know! I was really excited because it felt so fabulous and it just sucked. But maybe I was expecting more because of the hype and it really performed as it should?! I can’t say 🙁 I have the foundation but haven’t tried it yet but yes, people are raving about it too. When I can get a hold of the concealer in my shade I will give them a whirl. The new Catsuit lipsticks are totally worth the hype so maybe the powder is just a dud? More to come 😉 Thanks for reading!

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