Wednesday Reveal – March Birchbox

Some days I feel that I am pretty well-versed in technology and then some days (like today) I feel like a complete, freaking idiot and cannot manage to use a printer. I try to be patient with older people who didn’t grow up on technology because that is going to be me someday and I think that is terrifying. I really hope that whole putting good in to get good out thing is a thing because I am really putting it out there. Anyway, Wednesday and per usual I am prepping this post burning time before the evening meeting. My Birchbox arrived and I love the box – very Reese Witherspoon if she were a cardboard box…This month’s theme is apparently all things girl power and here is what I received:


Manna Kadar Cosmetics Lip Locked in Sienna – a primer, lip stain and gloss in one and I am skeptical. It is super pigmented but pretty much just wiped right off my arm, it is a lovely formula and seems like a gloss/liquid lipstick hybrid. Not crazy about the colour as I just received a lip product in a very similar shade and it is just a touch too brown but I will try and use it!


Real Chemistry Fresh-Start Foaming Cleanser –  I was excited to see this, I love the body peel that I received a few boxes ago and was curious to see what the face cleanser was about. I used it last night, it has a mild, refreshing scent and it foams up with water. I liked the way it felt until about 2 minutes in and it got a little burny but my face felt fine after and I might take it for another spin. I feel that is so wrong, yea – it burns but I’m going to use it again 😛


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – No lie, I had a total moment with this face cream last night and was just slathering it on. I have received samples of this before and I always enjoy it but have never sought out the full-size but I think it is time. I don’t know what it is, this cream is just so light but crazy moisturizing and the texture is just dreamy. Eek, I hope I don’t blast through this jar!


Cargo Swimmable Water Resistant Bronze in Medium – Interesting that I have now received 2 items from this brand from different boxes and I am not complaining. I would not be able to use this an actual bronzer but I think it will do as a nice shadow.


Beauty Protector Protect & Volume – I have enjoyed this brand so far and have even ordered a few full-size products after receiving my first detangler. This product is supposed to provide volume and shine without the weight – yes please!


A couple of swatches, Cargo on top and the Manna Kadar on the bottom.


And confirmed, I am such a moron – Draper James is Reese Witherspoon’s company…I mean, I feel like I had to have read about this box and then stored that information away in my psyche. Literally me, Oh, who collabed on the box this month? *Reads Card* Hmmm, signed Reese…dur hur. I cannot life today. Anyway, I really liked this box and think that I am going to use everything!

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