MOTD Monday – Bright Eyes

I was in ULTA yesterday (surprise), there was a young gal and her mom behind me and I was shocked at how many times the girl mentioned YouTubers and how she needed various products because her favourite YouTuber used them. As kids, we only had TV to influence our consumerism and the occasional catalog or magazine (Teen People) – I cannot imagine what parents must deal with today considering all of the external influence kids are bombarded with. I mean of course I was buying something that my fav beauty guru raved about but it just seemed really bizarre to me. Shout out to the mom though, when the gal picked out a setting spray she asked why she couldn’t just use water – sounded totally like my mom 😀

Concealer and powder around my eyes has been driving me bananas lately, I feel like it takes forever to brighten up my under eyes and I just feel the product all day. I have no idea why this is happening all of the sudden, I have used the same products under my eyes for ages. Today, instead of packing on the concealer I just wore glitter – on my lids because I am just tacky like that 😛 When people see an all shimmer or metallic palette and say that they cannot get a complete look out of it, I have no idea what this means – I love super shiny, all glitter lids. I am probably breaking some beauty rule but I just don’t care. I purchased the only 2 Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows from Stila that I could get my paws on yesterday. I don’t know who does inventory management for ULTA (guessing nobody) but the online and in store inventory never matches! Anyway, I managed to find Kitten Karma and Gold Goddess but hope to grab some more as these are perfect. It’s glitter, it’s eyeshadow – need I say more?

These shadows come equipped with a doe foot but the online recommendation is to pack the product on with that and blend out with a brush. One beauty guru I watched said to not wear these over shadow or primer while another had seemingly no issue with layering this product on over other shadows. I decided to layer over cream shadows just for a little insurance in case the glitter started flaking. I dabbed into the center of my eye and decided to skip the brush and just tapped in with my fingers. This stuff is amazing, it doesn’t blend out really – you can get it spread out evenly but since it is packed with actual glitter you aren’t going to be able to achieve an even wash. This was OK for what I wanted it for but can see how that would be annoying if one wanted to wear this product all over the lid. I wore Kitten Karma which is a peachy, pink with gold and pink glitter (I think) I was surprised at how much pigment the shadow has outside of the glitter and think this shade is very lovely. I used neutral shadows underneath the glitter but these could be worn over other shades as well and still provide a lot of pop. Over the course of the day there was some fall out but it’s glitter so I was expecting some anyway. For the most part, it stayed right where I placed it and wore without flaking or creasing. I did not wear glitter primer and the UD Primer Potion did just fine with keeping my shadow vibrant all day. I think this product is stunning, there are 8 shades and they retail at $24 (.15 oz) each – which does seem a little steep in my opinion but I also don’t know of a comparable product for price comparison. The UD Liquid Moondust comes to mind but they are nowhere near as pigmented, they retail at $22 for .17 oz.

Overall, a very stunning product that would be fantastic for everyday (if you love glitter) or evening wear for a little sparkle.
Thanks for stopping by ❤

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    1. I think it is my fav of the too, it is such an interesting shade. I know what you mean, glitter can get a little much 😀 Thank you, I appreciate that ❤

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