VIB Sale Wish List

It is here, the Sephora VIB sale is here but I gotta’ say that I am not eyeing that many things. Now that ULTA is stocking some of the brands that I used to only be able to get at Sephora, I have been going there more often and I currently have a 5x the points offer…sooo…

The first item that I want to check out during the sale are the new Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liners. I have not tried any of her matte lipsticks but these look very lovely. There are 30 shades, that’s a tad daunting, also only available online so I will need to do some research to avoid purchasing dupes.


I want to try the Sensual Skin Primer from Kevyn Aucoin, this is apparently specifically formulated to work with the Sensual Skin Enhancer. I would like to say that I own said skin enhancer, and there is nothing sensual about it. The texture is very gummy and putty like – I have a hard time using it and keen to see if this product would make application any better…?


People rave about the Cover FX Custom Blot Drops and I have been curious, but $42?! That seems ridiculous and they won’t replace any products that I already own, this would be in addition to primer, powder, etc but what if they really are amazing?


Stila released 3 new Magnificent Metal Glitter shadows that are apparently duo-chrome. What!? I don’t know how that will work with these being so glittery but I need them all!

Honestly, that is kind of it! Who am I even?! It seems like all of the new releases are just products that we have already seen before and not wow’ing me. I am in the market for a super mattifying setting spray but haven’t stumbled upon one so far. There are some items that I am definitely picking up at ULTA though so be ready for that 😛

Thanks for stopping by ❤

8 thoughts

  1. Regular BI’s are receiving 10% off from April 20-23! I just got my invite! So excited! I just spent $50 recently like the package is coming Thursday recent, so I’ll probably just buy another $50 worth. Nothing crazy.

  2. Haha omg I was literally just working on the exact same post- great minds! I cannot wait, I’ve been saving up so many products I want and waiting for the sale- so so ready! Love your picks! x

    1. Haha! Got to get that list ready 😀 I know what you mean, I have put off buying some things because I have been holding out for the sale! Thank you, I will keep an eye out for yours ❤

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