Sample Saturday – Hourglass

I think that we all know by now that I am a primer junkie, I love trying new primers and primer/foundation combinations. One brand that I have wanted to try but have not wanted to commit to the price tag is Hourglass. I cashed in some points for a sample of their Veil Mineral Primer, I have almost used it all up and am ready to share my thoughts.

This is an oil-free, silky smooth primer that claims to reduce the look of redness, pores and wrinkles. It retails at 54$ for 1 oz. which in my opinion is steep! I wasn’t crazy about the packaging of the sample, it has this cheap spatula that you are supposed to scoop the product with? I don’t know, it is a sample so whatever. The full size does come in a pretty glass bottle but I have no idea if it is a pump or the same spatula. Update, it’s a pump 😛

This primer is very lightweight, feels like nothing on your skin and it absorbs so fast with no residue. I kept putting more on as I didn’t feel like I had enough. As I was inspecting my face prior to foundation, I came to the conclusion that it feels like nothing because it does nothing. I experienced no improvement to the texture of my skin aside from it feeling soft. My foundation and concealer did layer really well over this product but I had more texture than I was hoping for. My face stayed really matte for the day, which was nice but I had product bunched up in my t-zone at the end of the day. Also, in areas that I had touched my face (usually by accident) you could see an indent. It is hard to explain, imagine the mark that you would leave by scratching play dough. Really weird, I had impressions in my makeup. My nails will sometimes catch my face when I am pushing my hair back so this is something I would have to monitor if I started using this primer on the regular. It’s a nice product, my makeup looked fine but I just wasn’t amazed. You read the reviews on this stuff and it sounds incredible – meh, not for me. Perhaps I just have too much texture on my face for this to work for me? I still have a tad left and  will definitely use it up but won’t seek out a full size any time soon.
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