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If there is one beauty treatment that I desperately want to try but have never plucked up the courage to do so, it is eyelash extensions! I don’t know why I can’t do it, I have sat through all kinds of beauty treatments but this one terrifies me. What if my eyelashes just fall out – I would be that .01% of the population that this would happen to. I would wake up with bald eyes – I just don’t know how one would correct that? I suppose by wearing falsies, it has probably never even happened but there is a first time for everything :p If I do it, I will be sure to blog about – unless I go bald. No, definitely if I go bald šŸ˜€


A few months backĀ Glossier released a new priming moisturizer with a richer formula (Priming Moisturizer Rich), I am a fan of the OG moisturizer but find that it is a tad light for nighttime use and need to use a serum or oil with it. I also still use a primer with this product, I for some reason never buy in to the makeup as skincareĀ – I purchase skincare products for a reason. This moisturizer claims to deliver intense hydration, reduce redness, nourish and oxygenate your skin. It is formulated with red algae, kukui oil, murumuru butter and shea. As with all of their products, it is also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (it isn’t supposed to clog pores). It also has lavender oil, like a lot of lavender oil.Ā This cream retails at $35 for 1.7 ounces, which isn’t bad for a dependable yet luxurious cream that is also packed with fabulous ingredients.


I have used about half the jar, I started rotating it with another cream as sadly this cream does cause me to break out and I cannot use it every night. First off, this cream comes in a jar and while I think that my hands are clean, I always worry about stuff getting caught between my real nail bed and the acrylic. To remedy sanitation issues, I use a brush to apply potted creams. Also, as mentioned this cream is heavily lavender scented – I like lavender but this was a bit much. It wasn’t, Oh, lavender it was POW, lavender.Ā Sad face. The texture of this cream is dreamy and I agree that the formula is very lightweight and non-greasy for the first 10 minutes or so. On me this cream left a very oily film that never quite absorbed, I have had other creams do this and wasn’t totally shocked generally I can usually continue using said creams. This one feels so heavy though that it is annoying. As an oily gal, I would never be able to wear this during the day under makeup – my foundation would be dripping off my face. If you are dry though, this might be amazing for your skin routine. My face felt moisturized after useĀ but I just didn’t love the way it felt on my skin and the break outs were annoying.


I didn’t love it, I will use up the jar – it is an affordable cream that is formulated with quality ingredients but it just wasn’t for me šŸ™

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