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I was in the elevator last night with my neighbor? I think he’s my neighbor – or maybe we just live on the same floor, which might not count as a neighbor. Anyway, he looks at my tattoos and says to me, I bet you regret that. Which my response should have been, I dunno, do you regret being ugly? He is an unattractive man, in my opinion but I can’t say that because it just isn’t socially acceptable. Which I don’t understand, I don’t get how some things are OK to comment on but others aren’t. Like, the whole he can’t help the way he looks, bullshit and it is bullshit – maybe his outward appearance really is a reflection of who he is on the inside and shouldn’t it just be OK to say that? Or the whole, being allowed to ridicule people because they put themselves out there…nuh-uh, what does that even mean? We have become a rude, over-opinionated society and I might as well just jump on the bandwagon. Moving on, to the Product of the Week and this week we have Boy Brow from Glossier.


This is a creamy brow wax that claims to thicken, fill in and groom brows into place with a soft, conditioning hold and it does just that! I use the blonde shade as my eyebrows are pretty fair and I just swipe the product up and out to fluff up my brows and tame them a bit. I don’t like a lot of pigment and this product does a fantastic job at making my brows look done when they really aren’t 😛 This product is also great in that even if I am not wearing a full face, I can still swipe it on and not look crazy. Being a creamy wax it doesn’t make your brows crunchy or too stiff, the hold is really nice. The spoolie is teenie but don’t let that fool you, it makes it super easy to be really precise if you don’t have full, luscious brows like yours truly 🙂


I love it, it performs well, it is easy to use, comes in super chic packaging and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Definitely recommend if you don’t wear super heavy brows and want something low-maintenance. They also offer a clear option, if you want something to just seal your other brow products in place without adding a heavy layer this would be great!


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