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Best of April & Some Empties

Confession, I have a pet-peeve (well, I have a lot but that isn’t the point) it annoys me to no end when someone asks you a question and you respond with the best answer that you are able to provide and yet they ask you the same question again. I assume that they are thinking the answer will change, has that approach worked for anyone? Honestly. And the pushier a person gets, the more I enjoy telling them no – that’s probably wrong but it just amazes me how poorly adults can act and I have come to realize that age has no bearing on ones decorum or manners…or intelligence.  I am again combining my empties with my monthly favourites, here is what I was using and using up in April!


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I am all around obsessed with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream, it is steep at $37 for .5 ounces and I actually use it day and night so I am blasting through this tube. That being said, this is the first eye cream that I feel is actually doing something for the lines and creases around my eyes. The texture of this cream is so fluffy and does wonders for hydrating, brightening and reducing puffiness.

Next is the Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% from The Ordinary. I wanted to try this as my skin was hooked on Good Genes but in doing some research on the ingredients found that lactic acid is the main active ingredient. My skin looks just as good as it did when I was using Good Genes and for only $6.50! I have been making a little concoction with squalane and it works great. I may graduate to including the 10% solution when I am done with this bottle. I only use a few drops at night, no irritation and no stinging.


I actually have a favourite, regular old lipstick this month – like the stick, stick. Barfly (WTF is that name though) from Urban Decay. This is from their 500 million shade lipstick line, it is just a peachy nude, cream lippie but very lovely as well as super easy to wear.


Next is another UD product, their Afterglow Powder Blush in Indecent this is described as light, peachy nude but it is seriously just matte orange and I love it. Sounds insane but I think it is lovely. Don’t quote me on this but I have a feeling that these blushers are being discontinued, they haven’t restocked several shades on their site and are on sale at ULTA/Sephora. Meek.


It is crazy how complimentary these two products are, I didn’t notice until I swatched them because I don’t look at my own face apparently. One would think that I was in a very peachy, nude mood but my mood this month was very, Does this black match? I could have been gate crashing funerals and nobody would have been the wiser. That being said, these shades go really well with black 😛


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Per usual, I don’t have a lot of empties this first one that I have is the Brow Tamer that I won’t be repurchasing and nothing against the product, I guess but it is spendy for the amount of product that you get. It also provided so little pigment that I thought I had received an empty tube and I had to rub it on my hand to see if it really was gone. So yeah, it is the product – what am talking about?


I am sad to see the end of my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer because I won’t be repurchasing it any time soon! Sorry, but it’s $30 and such a dinky tube. It is lovely and opaque and long-wearing but I have quite a few concealers to use up before I purchase this one again.

That’s it – I used up a ton of samples and deluxe samples but those are easy and I cannot pat my own back too much 😛

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  • stashy

    Yesss another person who loves the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream as much as I do! No one knows about this gem of a product – they only know the oil (the oil didn’t do it for me). I’m on my 2nd tube of this and I hope they never discontinue it.
    Oh man, do you really think UD is discontinuing their blushes so soon already? I feel like they were launch not that long ago!
    And I feel you on the Nars concealer – I feel similarly. When I first opened it, I already questioned how long that sucker would last.

    • Stella

      Yes! How aren’t more people talking about this?! I added it because I wanted free shipping and was almost done with another product I had. I did not expect to be so amazed. I tried the oil that is so raved about and it broke me out, sadly. I’m probably being paranoid but UD always discontinues the things I love 😂 I hope not, I really like these blushes. I almost caved in ULTA and bought a new tube but stayed strong. That tube is so freaking dinky!!

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