Anti – Haul #3

With the impending VIB sale upon us, I thought it was a good time for an Anti-Haul! I have to say that if you have not checked out Kimberly Clark’s videos DO IT – they are so good. What other YouTuber works extrapolateĀ into everyday conversation and makes Patty Lupone references?! Anyway, I also got burned by 2 of the items that I purchased from last month’s wish list and am a little bitter šŸ˜€

First up, is theĀ Urban Decay x Jean Michel Basquiat Collaboration that bothers me on a whole lot of levels. It isn’t a collab, he is deceased and it irritates me thatĀ UD is calling it that. What color did he pick out? What did he think of the shadow formula? Oh, he didn’t – you just took his art and plastered it onto your Special Edition, Limited Quantity collection with hope to insightĀ a consumerist frenzy. Ā I don’t like it, it doesn’t make sense.Ā The Marketing of an American Artist, this is it, right here and I won’t support it. Nowhere on their site does it mention his upbringing, heritage, descent into addiction – it just irks me. I will buy Mariah Carey collabs all day because she is about the excess, the glamour, it makes sense but not this. Shame onĀ UD, rant over.


Next up is theĀ TooFaced Clover Palette which is totally, freaking adorable and I would so use every single shadow. However, call me paranoid but this seems like damage control for the fact that the brand was purchased byĀ Estee Lauder? The proceeds are going to the newly launchedĀ TooFaced Animal Rescue Fund. Fabulous – but it seems like sneaky marketing but damn, it is cute.


No lie, I want this palette because I love theĀ Cheek-a-Thon palette so much but the reviews for this one have not been great. I also own all of the shades already and while I love the palette idea, I have to skip it.


Another palette (noticing a theme here) that I really, really want is theĀ Aurora Glow Kit that looks so stunning but I have way too much highlighter and I don’t get the hype with all of these different shades – they mostly look the same on the skin! Another aesthetically stunning item though and I hear the formula is dreamy.


I am also anti-haulingĀ all setting powders, I have an asinine amount of them. Good thing that summer is fast approaching and I will be in need of serious powder but until then, I will just drool over all of these beauties on my wish list šŸ˜€

That’s it – there are some new releases that I am absolutely going ga-ga for so this will be followed by the inevitable wish list šŸ˜›

Thanks for stopping by <3


  • almayerich

    I feel the same about the UD “collab”. I think its a complete rip off and I don’t care how limited quantity it is, I’m not interested. If they really wanted to use his art on their packaging, they could have done something really cool like donating sales to art programs, Such a crappy way to sell product. I have yet to purchase a glow kit because I’ve heard they break so easily! They look beautiful but I’d be heartbroken if it shattered.

    • Stella

      Right!? I was assuming that they would be donating to something but nope – not a single cause listed. They only have 1 paragraph about him underneath their product ad and nothing of substance. I agree, so lame. Ohhh, good to know – I would be so sad if it arrived crushed šŸ™ I guess I will just admire the photos!

  • sarahscupofbeauty

    Great post!! But I have to say, I can not, will not, resist the cuteness of that Too Faced pallet haha. And I do love the colors!! I’m still on the fence for the Benefit blush pallet. But it’s so bulky… xoxo Sarah

    • Stella

      It is so stinking cute, it will be tough to pass. Iove the blush palette that I own, they are bulky but if you don’t have one these are a steal!

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