Battle of the Beauty Sponges

So, the line in the theme song of Golden Girls, ‘If you threw a party…’ when I was younger I thought it was, ‘If you had a heart-attack…’ I don’t know why but it makes much more sense when you know the actual words 😀 Anyway, I have been testing some beauty sponges recently – I just don’t understand how the Beauty Blender continues to have the corner on the market. I don’t know if I am just used to using it and this is why I prefer it over others but I’d like to have other tools to rotate with. I have been trying two other sponges and thought I’d share my thoughts today! All of these sponges are pictured damp, I washed them so as not to look like a slob 😛


The white one is of course, my beloved BeautyBlender that isn’t too dense or too spongy. I am not crazy about it being white as it stains so visibly. My only other complaint about the BB is that it can soak up too much product if I am using a serum foundation. Otherwise, the BB makes most every foundation work for me and I use it with little to no effort. I had stopped using liquid foundations for 5’ish years as I never liked the way it applied, enter the BB and trying liquid foundations has become a favourite obsession.


The next sponge came in this monthy’s Boxycharm and I have been testing it since it arrived. The PUR Contour Blending sponge claims to be usable wet or dry (I never believe this), is latex free and non-allergenic. I thought that this sponge would be much smaller since they are part of a contour trio but they are as large as the regular BB. Out of the package, this sponge is much denser than the BB and it has a flat side that I suppose is for precise application and blending small areas. The density does stop it from soaking up product but it also doesn’t help with applying an even foundation application. I was picking up as much product as I was putting down, it felt as though I was just wiping foundation on. It feels nice and it is a nice size but doesn’t apply foundation nearly as well as a BB.


Next is the EcoTools Perfecting Blender, this one showed more promise as it felt much more similar to the BB dry and when damp it became super soft – but as I learned, it was too soft. Where my BB only soaks up thin products, this sponge was so porous that it soaked up tons of any product that I tried to use with it and very little actually applied to my face. I will say that the application was very even, thin but even. Again, very soft and super spongy but not great at applying product. This one also has that flat edge that I could really take or leave, I don’t really know what I am supposed to do with that side. I think this one comes in second after the BB with PUR sponge coming in dead last. I am still on the search for something comparable to the BB but didn’t find it with either of these!

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