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Palette Regrets

I feel that palettes are still a fairly new concept to the general makeup enthusiast, obviously they have been marketed to pros since ever. As someone who is still navigating what I need and would use versus what I want and is completely impractical, I have a few that have disappointed me. I love my palettes, they are the best part of my makeup collection, I appreciate the concept and am not anti-palette by any means. I thought I would do a round up of palettes that I own that I just don’t like. I will say that I do try to use these as punishment, 30 days of bad eye-shadow because I chose not to be a smart consumer. Shame on me 😀 Enjoy!


I was so bummed that this palette did not work for me as I am a Nikkie fan but come on, The Power of Makeup palette was so just so lame. The packaging – perfect, the blushes – lovely, the bronzer and highlighter – fabulous but I was here for the shadows and they are terrible! Everyone has already said it, you don’t need to hear it again but what a disappointment! I have had some luck using  fixing spray and dense brushes but it takes work. I have watched Tati use this one effortlessly and am just – how?!

Next, is the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette and no – I am not pandering to the overwhelming dislike for this brand’s founder by ragging on this palette. I don’t like it, the shades are lovely and I thought I was going to be totally into it but gotta’ say that most of the shadows are chalky or chunky glitter. I have used different brushes, different primers, setting spray, finger tips – I have truly tried to make this work and it just won’t. This one bums me out as the swatches were beautiful but none of that pigment transferred to my eyes. The pans are enormous and this would be such a good value if the shadows were nice – glad to say that I bought this one on sale!

I honestly have no clue as to why I thought I would be into the Naked Ultimate Basics palette. Actually, I am lying – I hit pan on the matte neutral shades in all of the bigger Naked palettes and figured this would be great. I might use one or two shades in combination with other palettes and shadows but I don’t like it. It isn’t the formula or quality of the shadows, the shades just don’t do it for me, sadly.

I have  no words for how bad this next palette is, I did not return the tarte Tarteist Pro-Palette as I was so convinced that it was just me or my brushes or my primer. And it still could be but I cannot work with this palette. I busted it out yet again just this morning since I had it out anyway and the shadows are so chalky, ugh. I have the mini pro palette and those shadows are amazing! I don’t get it.

I have two highlighter palettes that totally bummed me out, one being the glitter monstrosity that is the ABH Ultimate Glow Kit that I have used multiple times and doesn’t do anything for me. I have had a few people tell me that I need the brush to make it work and I am like – I don’t think so because that sounds like bullshit. We need specific brushes now?! I have brushes, like 50 brushes and none of these will work? The second being a palette that I was totally sucked into based on the outer packaging alone (and the fact that I love Kat Von D) but the Alchemist Palette is again, totally lame. What is it even? The pans of whatever it is are so buttery and lovely but they don’t do anything – I don’t get it, the concept is lost on me. I have applied these under product, over product and I only kinda’, sorta’ like them as lip toppers

A product has to do something to me for me to use it once and give up, like burn my skin or give me pink eye – I am a pretty forgiving person so please don’t think that I used these once and moved on 😀 I can honestly say that I have way more palettes that I love and will talk about those in a future post!

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    • Stella

      Yes! When it arrived I felt like there was something different about them too so I compared them to other tarte shadows and there is something so dry about them. Total bust, glad that you skipped it too!!

  • stashy

    I love reading posts like this! There’s often so much HYPE around each palette launch that’s almost borderline insanity. I’ve noticed palettes seem to dominate makeup releases nowadays and I just can’t get caught up in the hype personally.
    That said, I’m sorry you paid good money for these palettes and didn’t end up liking them. What will you do with these palettes? Give them away?

    • Stella

      I agree, there are WAY too many palettes and brands just releasing them when I would love just a really nice single shadow or pan of blush 😂 If one of my sisters can’t use my dislikes, I donate them to a girls group home in Minneapolis. Someone will use them!! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed 😄

  • Noha ♡

    Honestly thank you for writing this cause you’ve saved me a lot of money haha. Minus the Naked Basics I’ve been lusting after these so much. Especially the Tarte palette, everyone kept raving on about it and I was honestly about to pick it up with the VIB Rouge sale. Thank you! Loved reading this as always Stella xx
    my latest post ♡

    • Stella

      Of course, glad it helped! I’ve had a few people tell me that the tarte palette had a bad batch and I should exchange it but why chance it? Spend your money elsewhere 😄 Thanks for reading!!

    • Stella

      Thank you – everyone raves about it and it just shocks me because yes, some are really bad! Glad it isn’t just me, I always assume I’m doing something wrong if products don’t work for me 😄

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