Peanut Butter & Honey Time

So apparently – it is not OK to call a new-born baby a fresh-baby when describing the new baby that your neighbors had. But folks, isn’t fresh the same as new? They are synonyms and I feel that they are fairly interchangeable but society says otherwise. I don’t know sometimes but I will never say fresh-born baby ever again because I am not a pariah. I’m sorry, I don’t interact with a lot of babies – I don’t often have to describe them or talk about them. Honestly.

But guess what – I do have some fresh and moist (it’s not moist but since I am already a social outcast…) makeup to share with you and I feel like such a hypocrite because I claimed that this was an item that I was not going to buy because this brand keeps burning me. And then they were all – oh, spend $35 and get a super cute honey bee cosmetic bag and honey infused gloss. Plus I had points and it was over.  I picked up the TooFaced Peanut Butter & Honey palette that has been out for a bit and you probably already know that it is inspired by some shade and blah, blah, blah. I just don’t get the Peanut Butter craze, I think it was originally in the Semi-Sweet palette and it’s just brown! Anyway, I have the Peanut Butter & Jelly palette and it is one of my favourite palettes and figured that I would take a gamble on this one and see what happened. I will share swatches of both since I have talked about PB&J before but without swatches. I tried to use one arm, which in hindsight…PB & Honey is on the bottom 😔

You get 9 shadows in this palette, it comes in a metal compact that we have all come to expect from this brand and the package is super cute. It is supposed to smell like peanut butter and honey – I get more vanilla from it but still very pleasant. The idea is that you can use the shades row by vertical row to achieve different eye looks but you can certainly colour outside of the lines and use whatever you want. You do also get a mirror and cute little look book. I am deadly allergic to peanuts and neither palette contains peanuts, people do ask this so I am not just being moronic here 😛 Also, I’m deadly allergic to bees but how cute are these bees?!

What caught my eye the most was the super sunny yellow shade Honey Buns and the glitter bronze shade Bee’s Knees. I do not own anything like Honey Buns, I do own yellow shadows but they are either neon or sheer, spring yellow – this colour is perfect and I love it. So pigmented, I went in skeptical and was pleased with the way it applied. Bee’s Knees was a total dud dry – the glitter just blew out all over and I still had it on my face at the end of the day even though I put my eyes on first. I did use it for a liner with a wet brush and it worked great that way but not what I was expecting. It is TooFaced and like any other palette from them – some shades are patchy and some shades are great but there is more consistency than PB&J  – weird. Overall, I do really like it – I wouldn’t say that anyone needs both palettes but they do complement one another and I’ve been doing some mash ups of different combos from both. If you were running low on Peanut Butter­ – you might need this…? Honestly, just get Semi-Sweet 😜, I am trying to justify purchasing something I totally did not need. But, I got a super cute bag and yummy gloss…

Did you pick up either?

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