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Product of the Week – Michael Todd Beauty & Mini-Haul

Oh…and a rant. I am in a weird place with the beauty industry right now and feel as though a general feeling of disgust towards brands and faces of brands and marketing has been brewing for awhile. I try not to judge faces of brands too harshly, social media is a monster, these individuals are so highly scrutinized and we don’t really know if we are getting factual information. If you see something on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc then it warrants further corroboration in my opinion. I’m sorry, social media outlets aren’t credible resources 9 times out of 10. That being said, my fav (and possibly most trusted) beauty guru pledged to no longer feature TooFaced products on her channel. There weren’t specifics, which I respect but this whole black-listing brands and having to research any brand scandals prior to purchasing products is getting out of hand – when did the beauty industry get so sleazy?! And I mean outside of the pre-existing issues of sexism, ageism, racism and all around lack of integrity – we have been privy to those issues since ever. I am not saying this flippantly, those things are still bullshit, they still happen but it is very easy to just say no to brands who overtly practice these travesties and purchase from brands who are more ethical – now, there is this whole grey area. I feel like I have gone from trying to be a smart consumer to just being a paranoid consumer, I am paranoid about purchasing makeup. It is so trivial, how did this happen?! I just want some lipsticks that don’t smudge and foundation that doesn’t oxidize and not have to worry if the founder dressed up like Hitler or if the brand uses drug references as product names. Is that so much to ask?! There is so much shit going on in the world, I don’t need another layer of bullshit and pressure from something that used to make me feel good. I could just quit wearing makeup but that hardly seems fair, I love makeup. I just want to go all indie brand for the time being, a lot of my posts moving forward will probably just be shopping my stash – I own loads of stuff that I’ve never posted about. PSA, I might own some offensive brands – who the hell knows but I do know that the beauty industry needs to shape up and stop being so catty, shady and all around nasty. I am not claiming that brands are by default better if they are indie but something about removing the invasive, corporate machine makes me feel a little less paranoid. Rant over.


It is time for the Product of the Week and a little haul post, I love reading haul posts but I rarely post them as I am terrible about coming back and actually talking about the products that I purchased. Today, I am just too excited not to share! I raved about my first encounter with Michael Todd Beauty in this post about a week ago and mentioned that I wanted to try their face brush, well I had about 100 bucks in expiring ULTA points (why do they expire) that I cashed in for this little beaut. Light years ago I was a huge fan of the Clarisonic brush and more recently have used a Foreo in my skincare routine. I prefer the face brush over the silicone nodules or whatever you call them, my skin always felt cleaner and smoother using the face brush. That being said, I started to get wicked breakouts, like needing extractions breakouts and my dermatologist said it was most likely bacteria that had collected and incubated (gag) on the brush. This bummed me out as I was very regular with changing the brush heads and those things aren’t cheap! I decided to switch to the Foreo over a year ago now and meh, have definitely been underwhelmed especially given the rave reviews. I feel that I don’t get a lot of good exfoliation from it, it kinda’ drags and tugs on my skin – I just don’t see the hype. So, after those crazy breakouts why would I take a chance on another face brush? The brush heads are anti-microbial meaning they stay cleaner and fresher longer than the the Clarisonic brush heads not to mention the overall brush design makes it easier to brush small areas like the t-zone and chin. Another awesome thing about the Soniclear brush heads is that they last for 6 months – I was changing the Clarisonic head monthly. Price wise, I paid $89 for the Soniclear Petite that comes with a charger (sans a USB adapter but I use my phone) and 1 brush head, it has 3 speeds and the size makes it awesome for travel. I love this thing, I don’t know the science behind it – the sonic movements are supposed to be better at cleansing than just using your hands. No idea how it works but it does! I love the feeling of smooth, squeaky clean skin and am so delighted to be getting back on a face brush.


I have been using this with their Charcoal Detox that was a part of this mini haul, you can use whatever cleanser you want – I just took the opportunity to try more of the brand. My skin feels smooth and looks plump, this is a killer combo. The last item in my haul was their Organic Lemon Toner because I am a toner and face mist-aholic. This smells like a citrus grove, so lovely.


That is my Michael Todd Beauty mini-haul and I pledge to come back and do a follow up post. I am nervous to see if this brush breaks me out but excited to see if it works as well! Side note – have you seen those spinny, needle devices that have been all over Instagram that one apparently rolls on their face? Terrifying – but let me know if you have tried it 😛

That’s it, sorry for the long post. Thanks for stopping by <3


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