Rainy Day Wishlist

I love risotto, too much so probably and I rarely get to eat it as I cannot cook it nor do I go to a lot places that serve it. Imagine my delight when I found frozen, 3 cheese risotto at my local grocery store. This stuff is amazing! You just toss it in a sauce pan for a few minutes and you have delicious, mouth-watering risotto. This is probably a bad thing šŸ˜› Rain again today, looks like a wet summer which means too much time to online shop or at least online window shop – you guessed it, it’s a wishlist!

First items on my list are from LimeCrime, I know, I know but who can resist their Hi-Lite Palettes?! The Opals palette came out a while back and includes pink, gold and peach but they also have a Blossoms edition coming soon that includes warm gold, lavender and sunset. I think they both look stunning, from the powders to the packaging – really lovely. These retail at $38 each for 21 grams of product. To put that in perspective one BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector is 7 grams for $38 – just sayin’.

Admittedly, I am not a matte gal but all of my Violet Vosse palettes are my most used and I love those mattes. They are creamy and easy for me to use, I cannot blend matte shadow to save my life – it is always patchy but with a little finessing I can get these to work. Do I need 20 more eyeshadows? Probably not but how gorgeous is the Matte About You palette? Apparently this formula is even better than their original palettes – can it be? I would definitely use all of these shades but geez, I don’t need it. They also have a 6 pan highlighter pan releasing next week – seriously, just take my money.


It wouldn’t be a wishlist without a little Beauty Bakerie, I really just want this makeup bag because it is a pretty pink and all around cute.


I also want some ColourPop, this is the most indie-beauty wishlist that I have had in ages! Honestly, I want to try any and all of their pressed powders but if I had to choose – I would choose Double Play.


Freaking Natasha Denona and her damn gorgeous products that I cannot afford. I have already resolved myself to the fact that I will never own one of her eyeshadow palettes but I’d take a gamble on her new Foundation X Full Coverage Fruit Complex that came out not too terribly long ago. This stuff sounds amazing, it is packed with various fruit extracts, is supposed to be long-wearing and pore minimizing. Sadly, the shade range is meh but I’d like to try it.


This last item probably seems totally idiotic, but no less so than these beauty gurus rubbing tourmaline wands on their faces and claiming they reduce the signs of aging. The Sonic Eraser Pro by Michael Todd Beauty uses a thermal infusion to deliver your beauty products where they are most needed. Yea, sounds like bullshit but I might have to blow some points on this and see what happens. You can use this around your eyes, laugh lines, LIP LINES…I’d try it. I am about a paycheck away from just getting my lips filled to Jesus – is that a thing? Probably not.


That’s it! The sun better make an appearance soon or I am going to be real broke, real quick šŸ˜€ What summer beauty items are you lusting after?

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