Ready, Set, Radiant

LimeCrime continues to be one of those brands that I know I shouldn’t love but still kinda’ do but their most recent release is on a whole other level. It is the M$LF Velvetines Set, yea – what? I mean, they are calling it the Moms I’d Like to Follow set but come on, we all know what it means. The set includes 4 nudey shades; M$LF, Cougar, Low Cut and Stacey’s Mom that come in what looks like a hot pink Marlboro box – I do love the vintage logo throwback but those names – what?! I am digging the shades too but come on, can you imagine?! Oh, what lipstick is that? It’s M$LF by LimeCrime. It just seems really bizarre, is it just me? Would I buy it? Maybe but I would feel so cheap and dirty at the same time – I don’t think makeup should make you feel that way πŸ˜€ Oh, Doe Deere – what next?


Onto some brands that don’t make me feel like such a jerk for owning πŸ˜€ Everyone has a face spray releasing at moment. Brands that already had them are releasing more and I suspect this is going to be similar to the highlight craze. I use face sprays everyday, multiple times a day. I only use setting spray once while putting my makeup on after I am done with my foundation, I set it and then go in with concealer, powder, etc – call me crazy but this works for my super oily skin. Other sprays that I use are mostly just to freshen up my complexion, I have oily skin with areas of dryness and my face tends to feel tight throughout the day. My all time favourite face sprays are from Mario Badescu and I stand by that but I also enjoy trying new ones. When one of my favourite brands dropped a new face mist, of course I was going to give it a whirl. The Ready, Set, Radiant Skin Mist from tarte is a lovely complexion refresher formulated with cucumber extract, apple extract, tea seed oil (WTF is that), and eucalyptus. This mist smells gorgeous and is very refreshing, I have been using it after my skin care application prior to makeup. That being said, it isn’t a setting spray – the nozzle is spitty and you will get drops of product all over your finished face. However, I have had some luck spritzing this one on prior to a foundation or powder touch up as it provides enough moisture to evenly buff creases and excess product out. So you can use it over your makeup just not as a setting spray if that seems logical at all. It isn’t marketed as a setting spray but I imagine that many would try to use it as one, like myself. For a niche product that has a fairly specific use, I don’t think $25 is a reasonable price point. I love that it moisturizes and brightens up my complexion but so does my rosewater that retails at about $8 for twice as much product. It is interesting just not something that I plan to keep in my collection once I have finished this one!


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