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Sample Saturday – Ouai

Hair care – what is hair care? I feel like it is one of those things that there are a million products in existence to pile on your tresses and at the end of the day the best thing is diet and exercise and drinking water and getting 8 hours of sleep and not drinking 10 cups of coffee a day. Isn’t that always the way? As a rule, I struggle with a lot of external treatments and the unbelievable claims but that doesn’t stop me from trying new things – especially hair masks, I am obsessed with masks in general. Do they do anything? I literally have no idea. I received the Ouai Treatment Mask in my January Sephora Play! and finally got around to using it this last week. I received a .5 oz. sample and the full size product is actually a bundle of .3 oz. foil packets that retail at $14 (3 packets) or $32 (8 packets). It took a hot minute to find the product as I didn’t know that it was sold in foil packets and not tubes. Also, odd that the sample size is like 1 1/2 uses…? I got about 2 uses out of the sample, my hair is shorter now and it worked out to be a decent amount.


This is a rapid restorative mask that claims to leave hair soft, smooth and protect against future damage. It is suitable for all hair textures and types except for fine hair, I thought that was interesting. I have super coarse hair and the product information says that this should be used every time I shampoo given my coarse hair – that is a whole lot of product if I wanted to work this into my regular routine. Plus, it requires setting for 10 minutes, which makes for either a huge waste of water or taking a bath (still lots of water). There is also a whole lot of benefit if you colour or treat  your hair, I don’t and am unsure if this is the best mask for me in that case. It does smell really pleasant, a little citrus, a little floral and it is a pretty pink colour. The product is very thin so be careful not to squeeze it all over, the consistency made it pretty easy to work through my hair and honestly, I cheated and only waited like 5’ish minutes. I was surprised at how clean and easily it rinsed, with masks I am rinsing, rinsing, rinsing and that was a nice change. My hair felt flat but was easy to comb and stayed sleek and shiny after drying. My natural wave was a little flat but otherwise I liked the way my hair felt. This mask was light and didn’t cause me to get greasy overly quickly, I really did like it. Then I washed my hair a couple of days later and all of the effect was gone 🙁 So yea, I imagine that I would have to use this product each time that I wash in order to reap the benefits. I wash 3-4 times a week and would blast through 2 boxes per month, that just doesn’t seem feasible at this price point. It is nice but definitely a luxury item, if you are doing a spa night this would be a fabulous touch but not something that I would invest it on the regular. How many other ways can I come up with to say that this product is too freaking expensive 😛

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