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Sample Saturday – VENeffect

At the ripe, old age of 30 – I have developed 2 vertical lines around my mouth. I don’t smoke and I have no idea how this happened but they drive me absolutely nuts. I have to be careful to not put too much foundation in that area or else it will be creased by noon and I am constantly looking at them. Just checked – still there πŸ˜› I use masks, over night treatments, balms, ointments and yet, they persist. The VENEffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment from my February Ipsy was right up my alley and now that I have used the entire sample I am ready to discuss. Here are the claims for this product from their website:


I used this product religiously, every night for about 4 weeks and I have no idea what it was supposed to do. The site does say that you can use this under lipstick but I found that my lips felt too uncomfortable after doing this. The product is very thin and lotion-y and didn’t feel super hydrating. I applied what I felt like was a generous coating but never felt as though this was enough. This product didn’t have any scent or flavour that I could detect but it irritated my lips for a few minutes after I applied and it was drying down. My lips felt tight and puffy after the product had absorbed, the gently plumps claim is a little off the mark πŸ˜€ There wasn’t any change to the appearance of my lips and the skin around it looked pretty much the same. Also, I don’t understand how this is a treatment if you are just supposed to keep applying like any other lip product? You would blast through the jar in no time! I want my treatments to provide lasting results, not short term, cosmetic benefit.
I am not impressed, for the price tag of $85/.34 oz. I was expecting more, way more. Reading the ingredients, there isn’t anything amazing or groundbreaking that you wouldn’t find in most anti-aging lip products that cost much less. Not saying I would but I could get Juvederm and feel better about that price tag than paying for this product – at least it was a sample!

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