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I wanted some stone faces for my succulent garden so we hit the garden center at The Home Depot and all of the little plants were so lovely that I couldn’t pick just one! I picked up this mystery plant in the cutest yarn pot for the apartment too! I hope I don’t kill it. A garden center is an interesting thing, in the area that I live in there are loads of new housing developments with dirt yards – I don’t get tearing out all of the greenery to build homes and then replanting said greenery…does anyone else think that is asinine? #treehugger.


I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was going to be shopping my stash a lot and talking about products that I already use and enjoy. I also mentioned that I may own some offensive brands and that being said, I use these products, I enjoy these products, I am going to share my thoughts on these products but I can also understand why others wouldn’t be interested. Notice that I said products and not the people behind these products, I am not interested in the cult of personality that the founders of these brands strive so hard to create. They are just human beings who make mistakes and honestly would be less reviled in my book if they just acted like it. Is Jeffree Star a misogynist? I mean, yea, probably. Do I find him abrasive? Yes. Does he make really great lipstick? Ugh, yes. However, it is doubtful that I will go out of my way to own anymore of his products in the near future and I have my reasons. That was one hell of a tangent…


I purchased a few of the legendary Velour Liquid Lipsticks from Beautylish during a 50% off sale quite awhile back. I had never tried them and was definitely expecting nothing short of perfection. I picked 5 nude shades, because I am a nudist (I have been waiting so long to use that, har, har. I am such a terrible person) and they are everything I expected and more. The applicator is fluffier than the majority of other brands that I have used and has a flexy piece that perfectly contours to your lip. It is a cinch to get a perfectly precise, opaque application. The formula is an interesting consistency, it is fluid but has a bit of a mousse feel to it. They are supposed to be scented but I am unsure of what the scent is, kinda’ smell like hairspray to me – sorry. It isn’t terrible if you like the smell of hairspray or don’t mind it. All of the shades that I picked up are beautifully pigmented and easy to build. These lippies do take a bit to dry down I have noticed, the formula doesn’t bunch though either and is easy to build if you feel the need. I don’t find them to be overly drying but I also wear lip balm underneath and may not be the best judge of that. Wear time is fantastic, I can get from 7 AM to 2 PM when I eat without touching up and when I do need to touch up it’s usually just my inner lip. Overall, super lovely product and I enjoy wearing them.

Rose Matter – My favourite of the bunch, a dusty pink shade:


Gemini – Nudey, brick red:


Mannequin – the perfect beige toned nude:


Sagittarius – Lavender grey, this is the hardest for me to wear as it washes me out quite a bit:


Chrysanthemum – A lovely pink with gold shimmer, this is a favourite to wear as a lip topper over other pinky shades:


Freshly applied on left, fully dried on right – not a whole lot of difference but thy do deepen a little.


These retail at $18 each and there are a fair amount of shades to choose from. Thanks for stopping by <3


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