I just read an article about Triple Cleansing being the newest trend for glowing skin and honestly, who has time for that?! Does a wipe count? Guess what, it doesn’t! It gets better, the same article recommended starting your makeup application with a face massage 😀 How early are these people getting up in the morning?! Anyway, that all sounds great but not something that I am working into my routine any time soon since, I dunno – like to sleep…? The average woman already has 27 steps in her beauty routine and personally, that seems outrageous to me. I have started to determine what steps in my beauty routine seem superfluous and can be axed.


The first to go is curling my lashes *gasp* but they look exactly the same if I do it or not! What is the purpose of this step besides pinching my eyelids – I am truly bad at it and am lucky that I haven’t just sheared the damn things off.

Priming my lips, over it. Now I am a big believer in the importance of primer not only making your makeup last longer but also protecting your skin from free radicals and other gunk. But I start my routine with a lip balm already and usually just prefer to apply a little more prior to lippie application anyway. I have not noticed a difference in wear as most of my lip products are matte or long-wearing anyway.


Tinted powder over white powder to prevent flashback – I don’t take pictures, who was I kidding!? If you are taking a lot of photos this is handy but total overkill for everyday.

Spritzing my hair with perfume, nobody is smelling my hair – I am not even smelling my hair and this seems like a waste of product to me. Plus, if anyone was like, Oh, your hair smells nice, I would be weirded out – why am I even doing this?


Lining my water line with a nude pencil, I might still do this for special occasions but nobody is noticing under the soul-sucking fluorescent lights I spend my days under. I am also cutting out highlighting my arches because I don’t have arches.

Wearing a lengthening mascara in addition to a volumizing mascara, no lie – I will probably keep doing this 😛 But it takes me for-ever to get my mascara on, I wear about 6 coats of each and it takes time that I don’t have.

Finally, I am no longer concealing my under eyes! What am I concealing – I have no idea, I just do it because I feel like I should and that is so lame. Most under-eye concealer almost highlights my eyes, why not just use a highlighter? In fact, giving that a whirl – to hell with beauty faux pas.


Don’t get me wrong, there is something very luxurious about a 45 step beauty routine and I love feeling really well done. (Is that a thing or is this like the fresh baby thing)? I love feeling like there is not a square inch of my being that has not been primped, primed, concealed, spritzed, and highlighted but I think that companies are tapping into this and using it to sell us products that we just don’t need. And by we I mean literally nobody will ever need these products, ever.


What beauty steps seems like a waste to you? Thanks for stopping by <3


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