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Somehow I ended up watching 13 Reasons Why – clearly, I am way too old to be watching this and cannot really relate to the characters but Netflix originals are usually decent. Seemingly, though I could not relate to the premise now, it surprised me that there were so many parallels to my own high school experience. Sans the tattoos, do high school kids really have tattoos, serious question? I think it’s tragic that high school has apparently changed so little, you spend 4 years just trying to fit in and not get shit on. My family was just too out there, I grew up in a very small, very conservative, very cliquey community and I figured out real quick that I wouldn’t ever fit in and didn’t try to. That being said, I didn’t have a hard time in high school – I did my time and got out unscathed but I knew kids who weren’t as lucky. There are still a lot of similar themes, the shy boy who got teased for maybe being gay, the girl with the breasts that developed overnight so obviously she was a slut, the jocks who were gods among mortals, the kids who had important parents and could get away with murder – it is weird how a decade later, everything and nothing has changed. Parents and teachers are astounded and baffled when something bad happens, claim to have no inkling of how it could happen. I mean, really? I taught AP English for high school kids not that long ago and kids are mean, they can be very cruel and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Parents and teachers don’t want to believe what kids are capable of, they don’t want to believe that bad things can happen in their school or their community and that naivety is disastrous. Funny story, one of the kids whom I knew made the maybe gay kid’s life a living hell was at a March for gay rights and it took everything in me to not comment something along the lines of, Well I am glad that you grew the fuck up. I don’t believe that people change, that person you were in high school is still in there somewhere you just manage to evolve. The good news is that it is so temporary and sooner than later it doesn’t even matter. I guess my point is to remember that so many things are temporary and don’t make a permanent decision because of them. As if it were that easy…


Anyway, apparently it is summer or at the very least spring and that bums me out. I am not a fan of heat, humidity, the sound of my jackass neighbor mowing his crab grass lawn (literally as I type this) and blah, blah, blah although I am excited to plant some honey bee friendly plants. If we must do summer, and apparently we must – I cannot be without my favourite NARS products to keep me glowing. The iconic Orgasm Collection is all around stunning – the products are a perfect trifecta of peachy, pinky, shimmering goodness. To achieve a subtle, wearable flush I use the The Multiple which is a cream product that can be used on the eyes, lips or face – I only use it on my face and I top it off with a dusting of the OG Blusher. I wear both of these products on their own too as they are still very pigmented but the two together add extra dimension and a little more colour saturation. The multi-stick is a touch peachier than the blusher, if I am feeling ambitious I can achieve a fairly easy gradient look. Both products are a breeze to apply and blend, if I am just doing foundation, powder and blush I can use the cream stick for some quick colour. I have used the liquid illuminator, also very lovely but it was a nightmare for me as I cannot layer product to save  my life. That product requires more time and effort than I want to commit. The entire collection is so gorgeous and perfect for summer plus, you can get these from ULTA now!


Multiple on top, blusher bottom


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