Product of the Week – Stunner Highlight

I renewed my license and took the worst photo in existence, ever. But I feel that there is a silver lining, people will be like – oh, have you lost weight? Honestly, I look like a man trying to be a woman but not in a glam, drag queen kind of way. More of an Arnold Schwarznegger threw on a wig, kinda’ way. I mean, is this what I look like?! If I ‘lose’ my license, like off a cliff – can I take a new photo or do they just reuse the current one? I cannot use this license, no more drinking in public, no more getting pulled over, no more Nyquil – do you get ID’d for cough syrup in your state? More on this later.



It’s just the product of week, air-guitar, blah, blah, blah – 90’s kids raise your hands 😛 I have been addicted to highlighting lately, I love highlight but I have texture on my cheeks that really stands out whenever I wear highlighter so I use it sparingly. Recently though, I have been loving the way my highlight looks and have been highlighting everywhere.  Hands down, my highlight of choice has been Tarte’s Stunner that I bought with points quite some time ago and felt pretty meh about it but I have a renewed love for it!



I like that it doesn’t really have any colour, it just imparts a nude wash of dewy highlight that doesn’t muddy up or interfere with blusher or bronzer. It also wears all day, it doesn’t break up and I am still glowing when I get home. The shade is so neutral that I can go HAM and put this on my collarbones, under eyes (yea, I did it) and it provides such a pretty sheen. Plus it smells decadent like a fancy coffee (I think it is supposed to be vanilla). I formerly thought that it was pretty spendy at 28$ but honestly, with some of the products on the market that are upwards of 30$ – I think that this one is actually worth it. It is simply lovely, understated but so much glow! I do have all of the shades but this one has just been doing it for me. It is not limited edition – so you have plenty of time to check this one out!


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