Top Three Eye Primers (currently…)

I say currently because as I have said a million times over, I am a primer junkie and if there is a primer out there – I am going to try it. I have three in rotation now, I don’t keep a ton of eye-primer on hand as I do worry about bacteria and expired products so close to my peepers. I have oily eyelids which is super annoying and I need a primer that is going to control oil and keep my shadow from creasing. This is a tall order to fill as I don’t think companies really target oily eyelids – you can find oil reducing products for your face no problem but eyelids are a different story. While none of these primers are listed as oil reducing, they do a pretty decent job.


First is the Anti-Aging Primer Potion from Urban Decay, this is a fairly recent purchase and I was skeptical as it felt oily and slippery when I tried it in stores. I only purchased the travel size but I did end up really enjoying this one. It has the same wand that all of the UD eyeshadow primers have that honestly, I never put directly on my eye so this isn’t a good or bad thing in my opinion – it is just there. This primer does have a peachy, nude tint to it that helps neutralize pigment on the lids and is very smooth and easy to apply. I have no issues with this primer keeping my eyeshadow in place all day, it is lightweight and overall does just what it says. I don’t know what the ant-aging properties are, it does feel more serum-like and slippery than the original primer potion but it didn’t life or tighten anything. Otherwise, it is a very nice primer. The full size retails at $24 which is $4 more than their other eye-primers so that must be the anti-aging stuff 😛


Next is the PhotoFocus Eyeshadow Primer that retails at $4.99 which is a total steal considering that this primer is amazing. I use this primer for metallic and shimmery shadows as it just sticks to anything like glue. No creasing, no fading just all around amazing. It is a bit peachy as well but less so than the UD primer. This primer is a squeeze tube, I apply it with a dense shadow brush. This primer is also lightweight and feels great on.


Finally, is the Fiona Stiles Invisible Eye Primer that retails for $16 making it a very affordable high-end option. This primer is a tad thicker and creamier than the two listed but still lightweight. I do give it a little more time to dry down before going in with shadows, I love this primer under mattes as it really plays up the pigment and vibrancy of otherwise ho-hum shadows. Given the thicker consistency, this primer also keeps my eyelids super matte and oil-free. This one does not have any pigment, it blends away to an invisible layer so if you require colour correction this may not be the primer for you.

If you need (another) primer – any of these would be worth a look. Thanks for stopping by <3


  • stashy

    The UD Anti-Aging Primer Potion must be a newer version – I didn’t care for the original since I found it too dry but maybe this one will be better?

    • Stella

      I feel like they released a handful of new ones and yes, this was one of them! It definitely has more moisture than the regular, it might suit you in that case. It feels nice, definitely recommend 😄

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