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Trying On – The Ordinary

Nils, from Beautylish so kindly reminded me that some of the products that I wanted to try from The Ordinary are back in stock. I don’t know why I am so hung up on the personalized email thing – who is Nils? I just imagine some middle aged, tanned, blonde Australian in one of those J. Crew sweaters yelling at his intern – Send those personalized emails, bitch! Guys, I just Googled him (this is my life) and look at this, just look at this:


Not that far off, eh? Anyway, seems like a super nice guy and their CS team is amazing – I received my order in 2 days and I am so excited! PSA – I am not going to put all of these on my face at the same time, I picked out the most effective components from some of my fav skincare products because I don’t need lemongrass with my lactic acid and that is what I appreciate about this brand. You can mix and match your perfect skincare routine without the add ins and crazy marketing. I appreciate their commentary regarding integrity in the beauty industry when it comes to pricing and ingredients. I know that we have all asked ourselves at some point in time why 1 oz. of some fluid costs $105. But we buy it anyway because we honestly don’t know and these products usually sound like the most amazing things ever and we need them. I have no qualms with taking a chance on this brand and Nils made it 110% easier for me to impulse shop by storing my payment info – thanks for that 😛 Here are my first picks up from this brand that I have not tried yet but will soon:



I picked up a few acids because I love them and they work for me:

Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% – I am a little scared to try this, it comes in 2 concentrations and I went with the lower one as I know this can damage your skin if misused. I also know that this is the most potent, active ingredient in the Sunday Riley Good Genes and that product has made my skin so amazing but at a cost! I will test this out cautiously but I hope to love it.


Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution – This is 240ml of basically Glo-Tonic for $8, the 250ml Glo-Tonic retails for $29 – need I say more? Yes, one more thing – 2% more glycolic acid.


AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution – This is a peel that I might use 2 times a month, I’ve had facials with a similar concoction before and it works really well at brightening your skin and it lasts! I don’t wake up looking dull the next week. I gotta’ say though, this stuff is blood red – bleck and the label says For Professional Use Only. This wasn’t listed in the product info so hmmm…proceeding with caution.


I picked up two hydrators:

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 – I am familiar with this as a hydrator already, I am just interested to try their version of the product. I enjoy this type of lightweight, liquid, serum-type product as I use heavy creams already and this doesn’t feel like another layer of crap.


100% Plant-Derived Squalane – Squalane is hot in skincare right now (like I honestly care about that) I just want to see what all of the fuss is about!


And lastly, I did snag a bottle of the Advanced Retinoid 2% to try as part of my evening routine. I know that I snagged some items that may not become staples in my skincare but I feel like I am going to get a fairly good sampling of the brand. I will report back as I start using them!



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