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Wednesday Reveal – April Birchbox

The highlight of my day has so far been when I got into my car and I had an extra muffin that I somehow forgot to take inside with me? How do you forget that you left your breakfast in the car, damn good muffin though. Is this a rut? Am I in a rut? When a cast-off, forgotten muffin makes your day – that’s a rut, isn’t it?! Just tell me!


I am not one to peek at my sub-boxes before they arrive but I am kicking myself that I just didn’t pick the curated box this month! This is lamest box ever – I mean, for $10 I really cannot complain but I have been getting pretty luck with products that I have actually used. This month’s theme is Inside Out, I think the box is creative with it being plain craft paper on the outside and then like a secret garden on the inside. And this is totally in line with my skepticism toward topical treatment  but these products don’t speak to this mantra, in my opinion. Here is what I got:


amika Nourishing Mask – This is an all-natural hair mask that nourishes and heals damaged hair with sea buck-thorn berry (WTF is that, buck-thorn is an invasive species in MN…), jojoba oil, vitamin E and blah, blah, blah – I hate this brand. It has nothing to do with this product in particular, it is the many others that came before it that didn’t do anything for my hair except tangle it, dry it out, etc. I don’t think that I will even give this a whirl. Nice size sample though.


Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Anitbacterial Toner – I mean, we are just making shit up at this point, right?! This toner does sound lovely, it is alcohol free, it is made with lavender and birchwood and is supposed to rid your skin of impurities. I will try it, the full-size price is incredibly reasonable at $19 for 8 oz. but it kinda’ sounds like snake oil in a pretty, purple bottle.


Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo – Birchbox seems to think that I care about my hair, I don’t – at least not enough to need a third dry shampoo to try. Also, this brand doesn’t amaze me either and there are several other brands that were doing sulfate-free for half the cost well before them. Just ask Hipster Ariel.


Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45+ – I love the BB’s from this brand, this one has too much SPF for my skin and tends to irritate it. Pretty much any other BB from this brand is amazing though if you need one. I find it tragic that this same sample size is a 100 point reward from Sephora currently. Lame.


And finally, my favourite item of the bunch, The Beauty Crop Girl Power Liquid Lipstick in Imma Bawse. I really enjoy the lip crayon that I received from this brand a few boxes back, this lippie feels very similar to Lime Crime’s Velvetines which are my favourite liquid lippie formula. This is a deep, rusty red that works with my skin tone. I didn’t swatch because I would be that dork who forgets and leaves a trail of lipstick throughout the house 😛



Side note, I got my nails done and I wanted to do something different so I did this French tip kinda’ thing – I dunno if I like it or not, might be tacky. Eek. Honestly, this box was a dud – I feel bad complaining as it is only $10 and really the boxes have been pretty great. Oh well, we will see if Ipsy saves the month.

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