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Wednesday Reveal – April GlamBag

I am a Stephen King junkie, not anything that he has penned in the last 10 years but Thinner, Carrie, The Shining, Misery, Salem’s Lot, Pet Cemetery are well loved in my collection. A new IT is being released (if you haven’t heard) and I am so there!  I saw the original when I was 10 or so, we would rent contraband movies when we stayed with our grandparents as they had no idea what was what 😀 Such terrible kids, but we paid for it after watching that movie now a whole new generation of kids can develop an irrational fear of clowns! Side note, my computer is fixed – woot, woot! Blogging on the tablet wasn’t too bad but I am glad to have the full size keyboard back. Anyway, April’s GlamBag is here and it is kinda’ circus themed – the theme this month is Sideshow.

I like the bag…? I dunno, the material is different but I do like the design. Here is what I received this month!


Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660 – this is a pretty, periwinkle brush that is super soft and I love brushes from this brand. I cannot lie though, I wanted that Lisa Frank brush – I think it launches in May but it can be pre-ordered now.


Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel – The products that I have tried from this brand have been lovely, I am unsure if this is a face or body product? The Ipsy story says that it can be used as a primer, I might have to give that a whirl. It smells lovely and I am a fan of aloe – but who isn’t?


PEEK Beauty Eye Will Stay Naturally Long-Wearing Eyeshadow – This shadow is packaged in the neatest little case and the naturally long-wearing claims interest me. It is a shimmery, sand shade that I will absolutely wear.


TheBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer – This is such a cute sample, I don’t know what one would use to get it on their face but it would work as an eyeshadow. I already own and love this product!


Hey Honey Besame Mucho Lip Balm – Como si fuera esta la noche, la ultima vez 🙁 Who would name a lip balm this? The song is so sad – I haven’t tried this yet but also another brand that I enjoy.


That’s it! I am much more pleased with this than April’s Birchbox that was a total bust.

Thanks for stopping by <3


  • stashy

    IT was such a terrifying movie! Although I preferred the book. I’m unsure if I’ll see the new movie yet.
    You got great stuff – that brush looks super soft.

    • Stella

      That is how I feel about The Shining – the book is so much better and even creepier. IT will just be pure nostalgia for me 🙂 It is! Super soft, I like it. Thanks for reading <3

  • Noha ♡

    Ooooh so impressive honestly! The mary lou-manizer and the brush- yess! Also yesss girl I’m so ready for IT, the trailer was honestly so impressive- usually hate remakes! Loved reading this as always x

    • Stella

      I think I’m most excited about those 2 as well! Right?! I saw the trailer and was like – yes, this looks terrifying!! I hope it’s good, several remakes have been so disappointing. Thanks for reading 😘

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