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Anti-Haul #5

It is Tuesday but definitely feels like a Monday plus it is overcast and cold.I am not feeling the summer vibes but still have some plants to pot! I am supposed to be striking vibes from my lexicon but it’s so hard. It’s like when… Read More

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A Little NARS Haul

To start, it is Memorial Day and as an American and someone who believes in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to love and freedom to pursue your dreams – I know that I don’t show enough gratitude to those who fought to protect… Read More

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Best of May

I just got a notification that the new Creator OS will be deployed soon and I am just so pissed. I literally just got fully functional with 10 – I struggle with 10 because the claim to fame was, Oohh, it is so sleek. It… Read More

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The Liebster Award

So almost there with catching up with all of these!! I will post my regular Sample Saturday today as well so stay tuned. I was nominated for this by Pamela from Starring Pamela, she is a Chicago/Milwaukee based lifestyle blogger. Two of my absolute favourite places, the… Read More

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The Cramm Award

More blogger recognition but I am almost caught up and that is a wonderful feeling! Cheila from┬áPink For Days nominated me for the Cramm Award – so thank you to Cheila! She reminds me of a Portuguese exchange student who lived in my dorms my… Read More