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The Blush That…Tag

I have been wanting to do this tag for-ever because I am such a blush whore. I love blush, I love layering blush, I love trying new blush – I’d wear blush all over my face if I could. Sunstriping is my favourite blush application because I kinda’ feel like I am putting blush all over my face but it is actually a technique 😛 When I look in the mirror and feel a little meh, more blush – all of the blush, obviously. I will post the tag questions below, I originally saw this on Kimberly Clark’s channel – enjoy!

Best Packaging: TooFaced Love Flush I think this is the best packing because it looks like a Polly Pocket back when we (weren’t morons) didn’t eat Polly and she actually fit in your pocket. It just brings back all of this nostalgia and the formula isn’t bad either.


Prettiest Colour: Benefit’s Dallas Also, this is my favourite blush palette if I had to choose! This is actually a blush and a bronzer and I just love the shade – it is deep and dusty. So lovely. I also have a raisin blush that I love, I like deep blushes.


Most Pigmented: Any of the Wet ‘n Wild ColorIcon Seriously, these are dangerous.


Everyday Blush: Currently mixing Indecent and Score from the UD Afterglow 8 Hour line. One is totally matte orange and I top it with the slightly more shimmery pinky peach shade.


Party Blush: I have never been getting ready thinking, Oh – what blush to wear that really says party? I am usually thinking, How soon can I leave without being rude? If I had to choose, it would be NARS Orgasm – this seems bright and fun because parties are fun…?



Regret Purchasing: Glossier Cloud Paint that is a total nightmare to apply and I use liquid blush! They sneak peaked this at some awards show and it was glowy and gorgeous and I had to have it. I cannot work with this product. I loathe it. Enjoy some shitty swatches:




Least Used: NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Sticks and I don’t know why! These apply really nice and are easy to use but I never reach for them. I need to pull them out and put them on my vanity so that I can use them up – I know that I raved about them in a past review.




Most Used: Wet ‘n Wild Crown of my Canopy I call this a highlighting blush as it is dark enough to use as blush on my complexion and I use it as a topper if my blush looks too matte. I use it almost everyday for something.



Favourite Blush Brand: Benefit. They are fabulous, long-wearing, cute packaging. Their palettes are so perfect, love these. But I’d like to make Milani an honorable mention as their baked blushes are really fabulous.


Greatest Blush Discovery of the last year: Probably Dandelion which is just a nice, light pink that imparts a natural brightening flush. If you are fair skinned, don’t use a lot of blush and want something that is easy to use and wear everyday – this is for you.


Most Practical: Dandelion, like I said – easy to use, goes with a lot of looks.


Least Practical: Medusa’s Makeup in Jezebel – I wear this blush pretty often, no shame but it is tricky to wear. This is not a pop on with anything blush and walk out the door. You have to build your look around this blush, it’s gorgeous but high maintenance.



Most Expensive: The Multiple that retails for $39 which isn’t bad but probably the most that I will spend on a blush – just sayin’.


Least Expensive: Wet ‘n Wild Coloricon and not only are they cheap and amazing, I don’t think that I will ever hit pan because they are so pigmented. I would also like to nominate this one for best value!

That is my Le Blush Qui tag, here are the categories for you:

  • Best Packaging
  • Prettiest Colour
  • Most Pigmented
  • Everyday Blush
  • Party Blush
  • Regret Purchasing
  • Least Used
  • Most Used
  • Favourite Blush Brand
  • Greatest Blush Discovery of the last year
  • Most Practical
  • Least Practical
  • Most Expensive
  • Least Expensive

Thanks for stopping by ❤





  1. Dee

    lol I really need to try those Wet n Wild blushes. I’ve yet to find a product fail from them!

    • These are pretty fabulous, took me awhile to find them – they are constantly sold out!! Snag them if you see them 😄

  2. I love this tag! It seems so fun. Also I really need to get some of those Wet ‘N Wild blushes, even though I have way too many blushes as it is.

    • It is super fun! I was like – finally, a reason to haul out all of my blush at once 😀 They are fabulous, they last forever too…if you run into them you might need them 😉 Thanks for reading!!

  3. I love the Too Faced blushers!! so pigmented. I really want to try Wet and Wild products, are they any good?? xx

    • Most of the products from Wet n Wild that I’ve tried, I love. They make nice liners, eyeshadow, matte lippies. I’m not a fan of their bright shadows – kinda’ chunky and their setting spray is meh. But honestly, lots of nice products for affordable prices. Thanks for reading 💗

      • Most drugstores carry it but yea – I’ve also ordered from their website! Sometimes they have online exclusives – worth a check out 😊

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  5. J | Beauty's Expert Amateur

    Blush whore hahaha. That must make me the nude lipstick whore! But seriously, those blushes are gorgeous. You must have such an amazing makeup collection x

    • Hahaha! Everyone has to have some vice 😛 Thank you 🙂 It is getting a tad out of hand but I love it!

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