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Fresh Feet on Repeat

Things that bother me – sandals. It doesn’t matter if I am wearing them or someone else is wearing them, they just kinda’ gross me out. I do have the sweatiest feet, hands, etc ever so it could be that I am just grossed out by my own feet (which I am) and therefore have developed a foot prejudice. I still wear sandals, gag but I use foot spray all of the time when I do. I honestly would rather just go barefoot than wear sandals, what is that? I am literally wearing sandals right now and it is driving me bananas. Obviously, sweaty feet aren’t something that one wants at work or anywhere – I have 2 products that are absolute sandal season must haves.

Both products are by Earth Therapeutics, this brand can be found at ULTA and they primarily sell spa, self-care products and all of the ones that I have tried have been delicious. Their Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray is like Binaca for your feet, it is a natural antiseptic and deodorizer that is formulated with peppermint oil, wild mint and tea tree. This stuff is non-sticky, instantly refreshing and smells so delightful – I spritz some on before I leave for the day and whenever I need it during the day.


The second must have is their Reflexology Foot Massage, I use this at night and after I get out of the shower. This keeps my feet fresh with the help of lavender, wild mint and tea tree – it also keeps my feet moisturized with vitamin E. I like that it isn’t too sticky, it absorbs cleanly and my feet feel super soft. This brand is already affordable but at the moment is also on BOGO – definitely recommend if you want to beat sweaty, sandal feet 😛


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  1. I am immediately going to look for these products right now. I have the same sweaty hands/feet issue! It’s why I’m still wearing boots in May, because flats and sandals just don’t work with me. But I’m totally going to try these and hopefully they work for me!

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