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tarte Haul

It has happened, I purchased maternity clothing by mistake and it fit. I am not in a maternal state, and have no plans to be. Kids don’t like me, I don’t like kids – we have a mutual understanding. In my defense, the description of the dress was Long Dress with Pockets, there was no mention of maternity and the model did  not appear to be pregnant. I am a fan of dresses with pockets, I feel that no dress should be made without them. I bought 4 of them and they are fabulous, if this is what maternity clothing is like – then sign me up.

I have a little tarte haul to share today as I have bonus points on the brand and one cannot simply pass that up. Super random pick-ups as I knew I didn’t want/need any of their shadow palettes and my ULTA was out of a few things that I did want 😦


First up, I picked up a tube of the Poreless Mattifying Primer that I am hoping won’t break me out. This is waterproof and supposed to last 12 hours, I thought this would be great for summer. Update – this is almost exactly like their Primed and Poreless Primer that tends to break me out. Bummer.


Next is a single shadow in Amethyst, they released 11 new shades in this line but they only had 1 in stock! I like the cute package they put these in over the plain, compacts. It did a weird thing when I tried to smudge the swatch, not what I was expecting.


While I didn’t need any of their large palettes, I did decide to pick up the Tartelette Tease palette. Super simple, 6 pan palette for on the go. I love their mini palettes, I own a couple and they are just easy.


And lastly, I picked up a new Shape Tape – I have not been wearing this very often but have noticed that it stays in place around my hair line when I am sweating and this will be nice to have when I am outdoors more often. That’s it – like I said, super random but I did have a game plan going in that didn’t pan out because my ULTA is out of everything, constantly!

I will report back on how I like these products when I start to use them, thanks for stopping by ❤


    • It depends – the clay shadows last with primer for 8 hours or so and the metallics can be worn without primer and they last about 8 hours as well! Thanks for reading!

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  2. Love your Haul ! I wish Tarte was available in Uk on bigger scale then it is now . Hard to get anything unless you ship from USA . Still I love the brand and I’m sure will make a purchase 🙂

    • I didn’t know that!! They have been releasing some great products lately, I hope they become available over there, I love their stuff too. Thanks for reading 💚

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