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Sample Saturday – Smashbox

I saw myself today, well my future self or what I think my future self will look like and it was tragic. I have always been a little dowdy, I have worn a cardigan since the 3rd grade but I don’t feel that I dress poorly. I just came out of the womb middle-aged and now I am on the expressway to recluse librarian with saggy hose and a hounds-tooth shawl who smells like Vicks. I don’t smell like Vicks, just painting the picture – the tragic, frumpy picture. When did this happen? Maybe I should consider wearing less black or more black? Black is edgy…right? I just never recall feeling young and maybe that is why it bothers, I just feel the same – like butter scraped over too much bread. First on the anti-aging docket – no more LOTR 😛 Maybe I’ll get a perm but doesn’t that just scream mid-life crisis? Not that I don’t adore a bitching perm but seems drastic. More on this later.

I don’t typically like to talk about samples that I just received but I already know that I love the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer that came in my March Boxycharm and I wanted to talk about multi-priming so am just going to combine the two. Multi-priming is admittedly a total juxtaposition to my post about keeping my beauty routine simple but it is a step that I don’t mind doing as it helps my foundation layer well and last longer. Multi-priming is using more than one primer to combat different skin issues. In my case, I use a luminizing or hydrating primer for most of my face and a pore minimizing or oil reducing primer in areas that need it. Reason being is that all of my face isn’t exactly the same – that would just be too easy.


For my all over primer, I like to  use fairly thin products like Laura Geller Hydrating Spackle or Wet ‘n Wild  Coverall as they both do well at keeping my dry patches moisturized and they provide an even base all on their own. Both of these also work well with other primers, some primers don’t and will pill once I start trying to add other products. The Photo Focus primer is a really fantastic, silicone-y, pore filling primer that I use on my nose, some areas on my cheeks, t-zone and chin. It is oil free, unscented and doesn’t break me out. This type of pore reducing, mattifying primer works wonders at camouflaging texture and creating a smooth canvas for product. I don’t put them all over my face because I don’t need to and they tend to be drying but on areas that are super oily, they don’t bother me. Sample sizes such as this one are perfect to have on hand for this priming technique since you need so little product. Any time that I see Pore-fessional, Clean Slate, Photo Focus Light, etc being offered as samples or rewards, I snag them – or shop the mini-bins at ULTA as they usually have these. My all over face primers I do purchase as full size since I use more and these are my everyday primers but anything else I tend to just get travel sizes or samples. If you have a primer that maybe you don’t love because it doesn’t do everything you need it to, try using it in tandem with another primer in problem areas. This is how I finally used up my tube of Hangover Primer but I still hate that stuff.


Primer just fascinates me, I love primer. I know that this technique seems really high-maintenance but it is so worth it and it works! Get yourself some samples, give it a whirl and tell me I’m wrong 😛

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