Wednesday Reveal – May Birchbox

Has anyone else seen these videos where women are waxing off the baby hairs around their hairline – are you kidding me with that!? Some aren’t trimming the hair and just waxing off blobs of hair that is inches long in length – it makes me cringe. Those girls are hardcore, I couldn’t do it. I hate waxing anything, my least favorite activity in the world. Anyway, I love this time of the month when all of the sub-boxes start rolling in! I am still in a love/hate thing with Birchbox, some have been great but I am on a disappointing streak more recently and this month’s box continues that streak 😦 The theme this month was Low Effort, High Impact and here is what I go in this month’s box!


COOLA SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray – I was so excited to see a setting spray with SPF in it as I have a hard time wearing SPF lotions and have been seeing more of these recently. It makes total sense seeing as how one should be reapplying SPF periodically and how do you do that with a full face of makeup?! This is truly genius. It is also organic and formulated with green tea and aloe – sounds great. Now, I am generally allergic to this brand and it causes me a lot of irritation. I decided to just spritz it on my arm – it smells like hairspray and it stung! Great idea, it isn’t going on my face but I hope to see more brands releasing this type of product!


Wilma Schumann Skincare Hydrating Collagen Pads Eye Pads – Meh, I mean this would have to be a really amazing product to get me hooked after only one use. I just have not gotten into eye-patches, the results seem so short term. These eye pads are apparently 100% collagen and reduce puffiness as well as dryness – I will give them a try though.


ModelCo Lip Enhancer Illusion Lip Liner – I am pretty pleased to add this to my collection, it is a neutral pink that could work with a lot of products. Plus, it will go great with a ModelCo lippie that I received in a LipMonthly – excellent.


Vita Liberata Fabulous Self-Tanning Gradual Lotion  – This product is supposed to be great for sensitive skin, it hydrates, nourishes and conditions all the while providing a gradual, glowy bronze. It is also formulated with certified organic ingredients but I look like an idiot with a fake tan. I cannot even describe how bizarre it looks on me – this one will go to a friend but I am still swatching it 😛 And that was a total disappointment because it just looks like regular lotion. Oops.


OUAI Wave Spray – I am interested in trying is, I like my hair textured but it is already fairly textured so we’ll see how this goes. It smells really nice!


Overall, it is an OK box with a few things that I will definitely use! Thanks for stopping by ❤


8 thoughts

    1. The reviews online are horrible but I have not had any issues! My first bag was 50% off and I figured – why not? I have been loving it so far. They do tend to ship later in the month and they ship with DHL that can take longer so heads up there but otherwise great!

    1. Interesting – I wonder how they determine who gets what? I know that they have you fill out a profile but doesn’t seem to help me much 🙂

  1. I have seen so many pictures on Birchbox and it literally makes me want to get out another monthly subscription, I currently get the monthly Glossybox. Birchbox looks soooo good though!! – ❤

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