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I wanted to do another Shop my Stash today with $5 liquid lippies to compare to the Jeffree Star ones that I blogged about but I’ve lost 2 of them! Isn’t that always the way? Then I just decided to blog about something else but was gripped by an obsessive mania to find the missing lipsticks because it would tie into my last post of this series so well and who the hell loses lipstick?! Anyway, I found the missing product – my baby cat steals makeup and hoards it under the couch. I located 2 missing shadows and a pair of lashes too. Anyway, to the fabulous lippies!

The MegaLast Liquid Catsuit lipstick from Wet ‘n Wild comes in 13 shades and retails for $4.99 each. The applicator and outer packaging is a perfect dupe for the Jeffree Starr lippies with the bendy doe-foot and everything. I did the research and they just use the same distributor, as does Sugar Pill. I love this applicator, the tip is tapered and flexible so it perfectly contours to your lips for precise application. I don’t think that these are scented, some of them do have a shampoo kinda’ scent but I don’t notice in all of the shades. These aren’t as mousse-y as the JS ones and they do need 2 coats for  total opaqueness on some of them but they wear very similarly. These feel fantastic on the lips and wear time is fabulous – they are in my opinion just as high quality as the JS product at a fraction of the cost. Here are the 5 shades that I have been able to get my hands on as they are constantly sold out!


Nudie Patootie – Unfortunately this is one of those 90’s, brown nudes that I have a hard time wearing so this one gets the least use.


Pink Really Hard – A fun, light pink that can be worn with pretty much any look.


Rebel Rose – A dusty rose shade with purple undertones.


Nudist Peach – A lovely peach shade, not too orange and not too pink.


Coral Corruption – This is a tad on the orange-y side for a coral but lovely nonetheless.


Freshly applied on left and fully dried down on right. These do take a bit longer to dry down but wear well.

I love these and think that they are such a bargain and fantastic quality.

Thanks for stopping by <3


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