Product of the Week – Beauty Bakerie

I finally got my hands on the Translucent Flour setting powder from Beauty Bakerie and could not be more delighted – it is already sold out again! I was able to snag a jar of the pink flour when they were first released and it is of course lovely but we’ll get to that in a moment. There are 4 shades available; brown, pink, yellow and translucent – being fair skinned as I am I skipped yellow and brown but have seen others use the brown flour as bronzer. These powders are super fine milled and excellent for combating shine and wicking oil away, they also claim to have HD properties to instantly smooth imperfections and reduce fine lines. I think the cost is reasonable in comparison to most other high-end setting powders I have used at $24 for 21 grams.



First, I was overly excited to have finally received my products in one of their adorable cupcake boxes! I have ordered many items from them and usually get a regular box – it’s the little things 🙂 These powders come in a standard screw top jar with a sifter, I wouldn’t see an issue with travelling. The pink flour is probably my favourite, pink powders are used to brighten the skin and this powder does just that. You won’t necessarily see a pinky sheen or flush but you will notice that the skin looks revived and well, brightened. I have been using this as an all-over setting powder and love how well it does at keeping my face matte but glowy. I still prefer translucent powder for my under eyes and that is why I needed the second powder. Both powders are so fine and silky that they feel like nothing on the skin, they don’t bunch, they don’t cake – it’s like they aren’t even there but I know they are working as my face stays in place all day. I use the biggest powder brush that I have to press the powder into my skin and it works like a dream. Beauty Bakerie is a wonderful brand that keeps releasing awesome products – I am so looking forward to their baking complexion oil!! I love their products and they now have a rewards program, if you haven’t tried them out yet – now is the time.


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