Product of the Week – Benefit

Fey – this term is used quite often in Agatha Christie books (nerd alert) and it is best described as the contentedness before calamity. Quiet before the storm kinda’ meaning, whenever I am having an especially fantastic day, I tend to wonder when disaster will strike. Honestly, the day that my hair was just too in place, I was too appropriately dressed for the weather and I had achieved a stunning smokey eye it should have come as no surprise that I would slip on a freaking worm walking into work. I mean, the real tragedy was obviously that I killed a helpless, unassuming worm – I can admit that but have you every had worm guts on you?! Have you ever smelled worm guts? PSA Minnesota – it is slated to rain for the next week, beware the worms – especially if you are having a good hair day.


There have only been a couple of days that have been sunny and mild enough for me to get outside and get some sun. Too hot and sunny and I get heat rash, there is a very finite sweet spot for me. I am definitely feeling pale, I am fair already but I don’t like feeling pale. And can I just say that there is a different between fair and pale and only one can be used to describe a skin tone. I hate it when people say – Oh, you are so pale. No, I am not – unless I am and that’s a different story. Anyway – what am I even talking about today?! Bronzer because I am pale and I need it! I have been loving the Benefit Hoola Lite since I picked it up a month’ish ago and cannot stop using it. I do love the regular Hoola and I can use it for precise, bronzing but I cannot go HAM with it because I look like a moron. But with the Lite I can layer this up and it just looks glowy and warm and not psychotic. This is a super soft, super easy to blend powder that has the same colour pay-off as the deeper powder but lighter. The package is the regular box o’ powder packaging but it’s cute. Mine doesn’t smell…? I have read other reviews where people are raving about the yummy scent, mind just smells like powder. Sad face. I love this product, I love layering it up with the regular Hoola and maybe some Dallas and it makes me feel less pale 😛 For my skin tone, I would love to see an in between shade of the two products for when I do have some colour but blending the two works beautifully as well.


Top to Bottom: Dallas, Hoola Lite, Hoola

I love it, definitely recommend for fair skin tones when you want to really go wild with bronzer – now you can!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

9 thoughts

  1. Oh no! That sucks about the worm! 🙁 It was nice all week until today in northern Illinois. And it is food truck Friday but I didn’t go because of the cold and rain 😓 maybe it’ll be nice again for us soon! I haven’t tried hoola lite since I’m am tan already but I know I have liked hoola in the past.

    1. Right!! Didn’t even see me coming 😦 I love Hoola but it looks so dark on me if I have’t had sun! That stinks, I wish we had food truck Friday – that sounds amazing. I feel like it is fall again! I hope it clears up soon too 🙂

  2. I LOVE Benefit! I got the Cheek Parade palette a little while ago and I have been using it almost every time I wear makeup since then. My absolute faves are Hoola Lite and Dandelion!

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