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Sample Saturday – tarte

I am not super into the cleansing stick fad – I don’t really get it, I never know if I am using enough product, too much product but it generally seems like I blast through these types of products so I assume too much. I generally like the concept, quick, simple and easy to travel with but something doesn’t totally click for me. When I received the frxxxtion stick 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser I was excited to try it but mostly because it is made with charcoal and it supposed to be exfoliating. But outside of the charcoal, the ingredients didn’t really wow me. The scent is light and the texture is deliciously gritty, as you work the product onto your damp skin it becomes a tad gelatinous. I like the way it feels and I liked that my skin felt so smooth but outside the novelty of the stick delivery – it is pretty average. Definitely mild too, outside of the grit I wasn’t totally convinced that it purified my skin. The reviews are fantastic for this product but it didn’t do anything particularly amazing for me 😦 I do like the pretty purple tube with gold lettering but think that I will skip paying the $22/oz. I don’t know how I feel about cosmetic brands delving into skincare and vice versa – it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. That being said, I actually have 2 more stick cleansers to try and I’d like to find one that works for me as they are super convenient but I guess we’ll see. I think the trick is to use your fingers to work the product in rather than coating my skin in product – I feel as though this is where I was wasting product.


Gettin’ a little ramble-y here – this product is not for me, didn’t hate it just didn’t like it either.

Thanks for stopping by ❤


      • I’ve been using Garnier since it came out. I usually get about 6 months out of one bottle. I just use it once a day. I’m super lazy when it comes to washing my face. I use to use the wet wipes, but they always seem to dry out.

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