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First Impressions – tarte Primer

I am so patiently  waiting for Twin Peaks season three to start this evening! I didn’t need to get caught up because I have the series on repeat as part of my regular entertainment 😛 Kyle MacLachlan is my ultimate celebrity crush, well right behind David Duchovny that is and I am realizing now that I apparently have a thing for quirky, fictional FBI agents. I think it’s the nondescript black suits, crisp white button downs and skinny ties – and the aviators, definitely the aviators. Perhaps a fantasy (can I call it a fantasy, that seems creepy) that I will never realize in real life – I mean, how does one meet an FBI agent? I imagine they are pretty similar to regular people and yet I have never met one or even know anyone who knows one. More on this later.


The weather isn’t cooperating for any pretty pictures so I am shifting gears and talking about yet, another primer. tarte has been dropping a string of new releases including a new pore minimizing primer that I obviously had to try. I have used all of their primers at different points with varying results but most have provided decent results. This is a silicone-y, pore filling, colourless primer that smooths skin texture and provides a smooth, matte canvas for makeup. I should be into this primer – my beef with this primer is that aside from 2 ingredients, it isn’t new! This is their Clean Slate Poreless Primer in a new tube. Unfortunately that primer breaks me out as does this one 😦 This is a heavy duty, 12 hour primer and I guess it should not have surprised me that I had complexion issues by the end of the day. Total bummer as it does keep my face matte and oil free but it seems like it does this by blocking up my pores – ew. If you don’t have problematic skin, this might be for you – it does have a lot of good stuff in it and makes skin look flawless. I wish that I could use it!


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  1. Great post! I totally dig David Duchovny too! I always liked him in the X-Files, but really liked him in Californication on Showtime. I just got a Milk Makeup Blur stick in my May Sephora Play box. It’s flipping amazing! Best primer I’ve ever used.

    • He is great!! Really? I’ve not tried it yet, but it looks interesting 😄 I’ll have to give it a whirl.

  2. It’s too bad that this primer breaks you out. Since you can’t use it, maybe you should just give it away or toss it. I won’t be trying this primer though. I already have too many silicone-based primers.

    • It’a already on its way to a fried in a much more humid climate 🙂 I think I am done trying new ones for a bit, I have some that really work that are enough!!

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